WSO – Niche Marketing Bootcamp Private Coaching

WSO - Niche Marketing Bootcamp Private Coaching

WSO – Niche Marketing Bootcamp Private Coaching

When I first started my little business from my spare room at home, I wanted to find a way of TESTING my proposed news products and getting some quick feedback. So I decided to take a small stand at a trade show and meet my prospective niche market customers – to go where the demand was and see if the products were likely to get customers to part with their cash – by asking them face to face for their opinion. My assumption was that if I could find a trade show where people flocked who were actually in my target market – if my product was any good, I would make some sales and if it needed changes I could get on the spot feedback.

In fact I got far more use out of the trade show than I ever imagined. I had put together my first product, which I intended to show at the trade fair – but in addition, I had recently bought a license to some video tapes of a Bootcamp seminar that had been held in the USA – an event called, if I recall correctly, The Newsletters For Profit Bootcamp, hosted by some American Entrepreneurs. This was the overall video set’s title, but interestingly, in addition, EACH tape also had a different title of its own … just as a book has individually titled chapters.

I took a set of those tapes along and stuck them on a shelf at the back of my display – not really the actions of a supposed ‘Entrepreneur’ who should have known better- but I’d come along looking for feedback on my main new product and that was my main focus. Now all I did … remember, having never done anything like this before … was to basically stick the full set of all those video tape boxes up on a shelf on the back wall of the stand I’d been given. In fact, looking back I’d almost hidden them away from passing visitors. D’OH!!!

Not the brightest thing to do at a place where you have the opportunity to display your products to a hungry audience – but I was starting out and had no idea what I was doing. However, despite this something happened at that trade fair which made me begin to think differently. I guess it was the seed of the whole cash-on-demand business model that I have since developed, which from those early days as a pioneering, start-up, Entrepreneur, over 10 years ago, has gone on to make me a Multi-Millionaire. So for that fact alone I’ll always be eternally grateful for trade shows.

Here’s what happened. From all the video tapes I had on ‘display’ … and there were about 21 from the original Bootcamp set, if I recall … ONE seemed to catch everybody’s attention. Passers-by would often stop and say to me:-

“What’s that? That tape called “The Lazy Mans Way to Make Money? How much is that? Can I buy just that video?”

They were questions I was repeatedly asked over the 3 days. Visitors to that exhibition – aspiring entrepreneurs looking for business start up products and services, wanted that one tape. They had NO idea what was on the tape. There was NO sales material. There was NO promotion of it. In fact, it really was just hidden away amongst 20 other tapes … and yet everyone wanted to buy ‘The Lazy Mans Way to Make Money’ tape.

I was amazed! And it’s this which actually gave birth to my cash-on-demand marketing mindset… The first realisation of the power a title has … the power of the headline if you like … to draw in people like a magnet even when they don’t know anything about the product itself.

So what happened? Well a few months after that trade fair at the NEC, I edited together some different video content…. only this time guess what I called the set? You’ve guessed it – ‘The Lazy Mans Way to Make Money’. It was a real no brainer. After all, I ALREADY knew that the market would buy it. My experience at the trade fair told me that – it was definitely a hook.

I knew DEFINITELY that there was a demand … almost irrespective of what was on the tape … all I had to do was offer it to the right audience and I’d have an instant winner! To cut a long story short I went on to sell thousands of that tape set … and have used similar titles on numerous products over the past few years. All of which have also been incredibly successful too.

And all thanks to the fact that… Niche Trade Shows give you instant feedback…In fact, before I continue that’s an important point to remember. Besides the obvious point of being able to place your niche product in front of a highly targeted audience who are already interested in the kind of thing you’re offering, there are some extremely important added benefits.

Niche Trade Shows offer you a fantastic opportunity to test products, to gauge reaction and, as in the case of my video tape, to uncover a little gem.
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