Women Ignite!

Women Ignite!

Women Ignite!

Women Ignite!

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Genre: Health, Food

The Experts and Their Topics:

Hormonal Health with Sara Gottfried, MD
Big ideas from this session:
• What is functional medicine?
• Basic steps and tips to optimize your hormone levels through all phases of life
• How to create hormonal congruence

Athena in Action: Being a Woman of Power in the Corporate World with Brenda Villa
Big ideas from this session:
• How to be a woman of power within the corporate world
• How to leverage the sisterhod in your professional life
• Finding fulfillment in your chosen path

Relationships – The Soulmate Secret with Arielle Ford
Big ideas from this session:
• What it a SOULMATE? And, how to attract your soulmate into your life
• How to maintain a thriving, hot lifelong marriage or relationship (Secret: WABI SABI LOVE)
• Why it’s so important and how to cultivate your feminine energy to magnetize a partner

Women’s Empowerment and Speak/Live Your Truth with Seane Corn
Big ideas from this session:
• Magnificent expressions of humanity: how to create space for your own archetypes to find your authentic voice
• Learn tools to reclaim your lost self
• The importance of self care: Identify your non-negotiables to give your best self In all relationships

The Venus Code: Unlocking Women’s Sexuality with Psalm Isadora
Big ideas from this session:
• How are women’s orgasms different than men’s?
• Are you trapped in control- the modern Amazon woman?
• How can you get out of your head and be feminine in the bedroom?

Giving a Voice to the Voiceless with Maranda Pleasant
Big ideas from this session:
• Reclaiming your sexuality
• The one thing that will save our planet
• How sisterhood can heal your sexual story

13 Major Feminine Archetypes with Ariel Spilsbury
Big ideas from this session:
• Understand what power is, how to source power from inside and what 2 things will tell you if you are in your power
• The 4 steps of the initiation process and How to create a sacred space for ritual
• How to align your life with the lunar cycles and why it is so important
• How to create empty presence to strengthen your intuition and inner guidance
• Why the path of ecstasy is the path of the Divine Feminine

Mama Glow: Fabulous Pregnancy and Motherhood with Latham Thomas
Big ideas from this session:
• The 3 most important steps to stay in your ‘Queenliness”
• Why the “Work-Life Balance” is a myth
• How to maintain a vibrant sexual and emotional connection with your partner during pregnancy and new motherhood
• Crucial tips for a non-toxic pregnancy

Women, Food, and Desire with Alex Jamieson
Big ideas from this session:
• The 4 types of cravings and how to make peace with them
• The relationshp between sex, pleasure and food
• How to give yourself permission to follow your truth as it changes throughout your life
• The Hedonic Treadmill: Understanding where your happiness setpoint is and raise it

Building Wealth for Women to Create a Thriving Future with Andrea Turner-Moffitt
Big ideas from this session:
• Making your money fun
• How to talk to your partner about finances
• How to navigate the non-linear career and financial path most women take (on-ramps and off-ramps)
• The non-negotiable retirement savings plan
• The Basic Budget Formula and surprising tips to spend less and save more

Divine Feminine with Sally Kempton
Big ideas from this session:
• What is the greatest feminine capacity?
• How to make conflict a growth process to negotiate a relationship
• Learn about the wisdom of aging and the spiritual progress it brings

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