WF Freelancer Authority Profit Plan

WF Freelancer Authority Profit Plan

WF Freelancer Authority Profit Plan

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Step 1.) Banish Your Fears About The Merger and WSO Price Drop

The WF/ merger is such an opportunity for you! This chapter will provide you:
Why the influx of new WSOs are a GREAT opportunity for you to shine (ensuring you have even more opportunities to make money)
The 4 free ways you can promote your new products (are you using these yourself?)
Step 2.) Embrace THIS New Idea

Once your fears are soothed, it’s time to consider:
How to profitably view competition (get this right and you’ll never look back)
What ELSE you can share with your buyers’ list (this secret is the *key* to making it big!)
Step 3.) The Best Simple Quick Ways To Create Killer WSO Ideas

Now that you have the basics, it’s time to get moving! Here, you’ll learn:
Where to go for cutting edge breakthru ideas (this source never dries up!)
How to use the WF for inspiration (another unending source!)
Where to find current NON-IM questions (dare I say… unending source!)
Step 4.) Using the FREE WSO Model

Don’t want to start with a paid product? Then start with one that’s free! Here you’ll learn:
Where the REAL profits come in (it’s not just the upsell!)
How to easily create one page gifts (that instantly brand you as an authority)
Step 5.) Building Your Paid Passive Profit Funnel

Now you have all the steps in place….but what do you PUT in your passive profit funnel? How about:
The Paid WSO model (you’ll love the way you learn to increase your profits right from the get-go)
What to send to your customer on the first day, the second day, the third day (thus building up the relationship and your authoritative expertise)
The Free WSO steps (use this technique to generate good karma and see your optins skyrocket!)

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