Wellness Revolution – Adoley Odunton and Jim Proser

Wellness Revolution - Adoley Odunton and Jim Proser

Wellness Revolution - Adoley Odunton and Jim Proser

Wellness Revolution – Adoley Odunton and Jim Proser

by living in the MIRACLE ZONE.

Your Perfect Life in the Miracle Zone
• Unexpected gifts and blessings just seem to come into my life
• I feel connected to Source Energy. I don’t feel “separate” or that I’m doing life “on my own”
• I feel connected and supported by others
• Life is becoming easier
• When I have challenges I have faith that I will move through them
• I have a glass half full mentality, in fact it is often full to the brim and overflowing!
• I think of someone and they magically call or show up
• The universe just seems to say “Yes” to me
• I feel “happy for no reason”
• Despite my challenges – health, wealth, relationships – life feels good to and for me
• I feel energetic and vibrant most of the time
• For me, life is good most of the time
• I am too busy living to feel sorry for myself most of the time
• “Magic” happens every day
• I’m passionate and engaged in my life
• I am content with my present even though I have plans for my future
• I count my blessings
• I share my life and blessings with others and find they reciprocate

Now, imagine living in the Miracle Zone… permanently. It just takes
finding the right keys for You and a little practice.

And here’s just a fraction of what You Will Experience that can change your life right now.
• Interactive, in-depth interviews that can change your health, your future and your life
• Q and A sessions where you can get on the spot coaching or healing work, from top doctorsand healers
• A “Special Event” interactive workshop where you will experience the power of sound healing
• Powerful “Special Event” “energy medicine” healing sessions by the masters of vibrational healing
• Low cost, simple, and natural remedies for common health problems
• Learn how to trust the guidance coming to you and supercharge your intuition
• A rapid healing technique that is fast, simple and effective
• How to create a home pharmacy using essential oils
• How to Recognize and Powerfully Manage Negative Self-Talk
• The Secret to Living an Upset-Free Life
• Prosperity secrets to abolish your financial anxiety
• A powerful energy process that frees you from anxiety, worry and depression
• Discover the most powerful force in the Universe – your connection to Source Energy

Which of Our Speakers Will Lead You into the MIRACLE ZONE?

Dreams That Diagnose Wellness
Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos
Listen to this call and:
• Hear Kat’s fascinating story of how she was diagnosed with cancer that her doctors missed, not once, not twice,
but three times in her dreams
• Develop your unique, authentic inner guidance
• Learn 6 easy steps to remember your dreams
• Learn about the 7 types of dreams and how to recognize them
• Discover exactly how to turn your worst nightmares into life saving information
• Make a heart to heart connection with your guardian angel or spirit guides!
• And so much more!

Learn How to Change Your Life with the Power of Intention
Lynne McTaggart
Today… the secrets your doctors don’t tell you are revealed by the master of healing with human intention – Lynne McTaggart. This is where miracles are born… where science meets spirit. Intentioneering is our word that describes the science of powering up and directing your thoughts to heal yourself, your loved ones and the world. Today we continue to practice the secret techniques recently verified by scientific research to broadcast your heart-centered power of intention. And learn how to amplify “…that still small voice” your internal GPS of your natural intuition.

Two Weeks to Unexpected Income, the Universe on Speed Dial!
Marilyn Jenett
Listen to this call and:
• Why spiritual substance is steadfast and doesn’t care about economic cycles
• How everything can change in two weeks – the psychological proof
• Why what you think is your source of income is really not your source of income
• Why Marilyn’s “law of satisfaction” works even faster than the Law of Attraction
• Three words you should never utter again if you want true prosperity
• And much more!

Learn How to Harness Your Sexy, Juicy, Joyful Sex Drive Now!
Dr. Sara Gottfried
Listen to this call and:
• Why you struggle so much with weight, food, exercise, and sex
• How you do sex is how you do everything
• The top reasons for low energy and sex drive in women
• To recognize if you have a hormone problem
• And much more!

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