TTC – Secrets of Sleep Science

TTC – Secrets of Sleep Science

TTC – Secrets of Sleep Science

TTC – Secrets of Sleep Science

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Author: Professor H. Craig Heller Ph.D.
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Information: For many of us, sleep is one of life’s greatest pleasures. For others, sleep represents a nightly struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep, rest comfortably, and even remain safe until morning. But what is sleep exactly, and why must we do it every night?

Despite the fact that we spend about one-third of our lives in slumber, scientists still aren’t completely certain. Finding the function of sleep is one of the biggest—and most intriguing—challenges facing biologists today.

What is clear: Sleep is as essential to life as food and water. It impacts virtually every aspect of our lives, from our mood to the functioning of our organs, and it contributes to learning and memory, better performance at work, and a more healthy and productive wakeful life overall.

A lack of sleep impairs your cognitive abilities, exacerbates or leads to psychological problems, and leaves you vulnerable to a long list of chronic medical issues. And the consequences of too little sleep extend beyond the personal. From causing auto accidents to factoring into major disasters such as the Exxon Valdez oil spill, sleep deprivation imposes a heavy toll on society.

Clearly, there’s tremendous value in studying sleep that goes far beyond mere fascination. Educating yourself on the subject may, without exaggeration, save your life or the life of someone you love. The frightening reality is that dire consequences can develop after only a few days of inadequate sleep.

Secrets of Sleep Science: From Dreams to Disorders is your opportunity to access groundbreaking research on the complex and enigmatic phenomenon of sleep, straight from a scientist at the forefront of the field. In these 24 engrossing lectures, award-winning Stanford University professor and researcher H. Craig Heller reveals how far neuroscientists and biologists have come on their quest to pinpoint the principal functions of sleep—which remain a matter of intense debate.

Course Lecture Titles
1 Sweet Sleep—Essential for a Healthy Life
2 What Is Sleep?
3 Sleep across the Night
4 Sleep across the Lifespan
5 Who in the World Sleeps?
6 The Timing of Sleep
7 The Wheels of the Circadian Clock
8 The Deep Sleep of Hibernators
9 The Neuroanatomy and Neurochemistry of Sleep
10 The Neurophysiology of Sleep
11 Sleep Disorders—Narcolepsy
12 The Strange World of Dreams
13 Functions of Sleep—Fueling the Brain
14 The Timing and Function of REM Sleep
15 Sleep and Learning—Procedural Memory
16 Sleep and Declarative Memory
17 Sleep and Memory in Animals
18 Sleep and Learning Disability
19 When You Cannot Sleep—Insomnia
20 Sleep Apnea
21 Behavior during Sleep—Parasomnias
22 Sleep and the Rest of the Body
23 Improving Sleep
24 Sleep in the Future and the Future of Sleep

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