The Immediate Edge – Update – December

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The Immediate Edge - Update - December

The Immediate Edge – Update – December

The Immediate Edge is a membership program created by successful Internet marketers Dan Raine and Ed Dale that promises to take Internet marketers to much higher levels and subsequently much higher earnings. These two marketers are the brains and the brawns behind the very popular free program “30 Day Challenge” that takes beginning Internet marketers through a course that hopefully brings them out the other side as experienced moneymaking Internet marketers. Immediate Edge is an ongoing membership program that Raine and Dale promise will keep members abreast of the newest and most innovative ways of making money online.
Immediate Edge Detailed Overview

Right off the bat, Dan Raine and Ed Dale state that their Immediate Edge membership program is not for beginners. They suggest that anyone who isn’t already at least somewhat experienced in Internet marketing take their free 30 Day Challenge course first and then consider joining this membership program. That being said, however, they promise that anyone who does join their membership program will benefit greatly from the fact that they will learn the latest marketing tips and tactics before the general Internet marketing public is ever aware of them. This is the “edge” part of the Immediate Edge membership program, and Raine and Dale promise to deliver on a continual basis. To back up this promise, they provide you with a 14-day trial for one dollar, and a guarantee that you can cancel your membership during this trial period and never be charged the much higher monthly membership fee.

What will you learn if you become a member of the Immediate Edge program? First of all, Raine and Dale provide a little more than just information in this program. There is a tool called “Edge Networker” which is an automated system for social bookmarking your new websites—considered necessary these days for bringing in an optimum amount of Internet traffic. Everyone who joins also gets a definitive guide on how to manage their businesses, as well as access to some business automation services.

Some people are skeptical about Raine and Dale’s claims of providing information to Immediate Edge members that will put them way ahead of other marketers, but so far, members have had nothing but good things to say about the program. For the monthly fee that is charged, it does warrant some careful consideration, though the trial period should be able to show people most of what they need to know to make their decisions.
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Immediate Edge Reputation

Dan Raine and Ed Dale have built stellar reputations in the Internet marketing world, mostly through their yearly 30 Day Challenge marketing course. Off of the popularity and effectiveness of this course alone, they have been able to sell a lot of their products and services to eager customers. The Immediate Edge membership program is a reflection of the way they coach and the way they do business, and for this reason, it is at least worth trying the free trial.
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