The Automated Lead Machine

The Automated Lead Machine

The Automated Lead Machine

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What is The Automated Lead Machine

The Automated Lead Machine and this is basically a video training course. This training shows how we have completely automated our lead generation within our local marketing business.

We show how to automate cold email campaigns and how we have other people run the entire thing for us.

All we do is sit back and wait for responses to drop into our email.

This video course is extensive and will walk everyone through how they can setup and achieve the same thing. Generating leads and ultimately clients is the one thing all local marketers struggle with. This product will show them how to do it, without actually having to do anything themselves.

How to build an automated lead generation system focusing on cold email, that works to generate interested business owners asking for help whenever we say “GO”.
How to do this without using any fancy, expensive, unreliable software.
The 4 steps that turn a simple cold email into actual inquiries…and how we don’t touch any of the 4 steps ourselves manually. (it is all automated and run by others)
Actual examples and case studies of cold emails we use that produce upwards of 10% response rates from businesses asking for our help. (these can work for any local marketing service you offer
The exact funnel we use to squeeze every last drop out of every single business contact we have.
How we outsource the entire machine (all 4 steps) for less than $2 day.
How we can approach 10 business owners, 100 business owners or even 1000 business owners in one campaign without having to change a thing. The ultimate scaling machine.

The Machine Overview
In Module 1 we walk you through the entire machine. You essentially get a birds eye view of how our machine works. You get to see what we build and what you will be building into your own business.

BuildingThe Machine
In Module 2 we show you how to build the machine. We show you how to set everything up quickly and easily.
This includes…

How To Send Cold Emails Properly
Using Split Email Accounts To Improve Open Rates
How To Make Sure The Only Thing You See Is HOT LEADS
The Ultimate Tracking Tool For Seeing How Your Campaigns Are
Essentially, Exactly How To Setup The Machine Ready To Go!

Feeding The Machine
In Module 3. we are ready to “feed the machine’. To do this. we need prospects and we show you exactly where and how we find perfect prospects for responses.
This includes…

What Makes A Perfect Prospect (Who Should Be Fed To The Machine)
Where We Find Perfect Prospects
How We Organise Prospects Ready For The Machine
How We Construct Cold Emails To Get Results
An Example Of One Of Our Emails That Works Right Now
And How To Create Emails For Any Service You Want To Sell.

Running The Machine
In Module 4. we show you how to automate everything. Once your have your machine setup and built. and you understand where to gather prospects. we are now ready to show you how to automate everything…so you get all of the rewards (HOT LEADS) without doing any of the work yourself.
This includes…

Where To Find People To Run The Machine For You
How We Can Hire People To Run The Machine For Less Than $3 A Day
The EXACT Job Post We Use To Hire People
How To Make Sure You Don’t Hire Duds
How To Make Sure You Hire Superstars To Generate You Leads
How To Train Them To Run Everything

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