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StoryMind - Story Weaver

StoryMind – Story Weaver

A Step by Step Approach

StoryWeaver is a step by step approach to story development that takes you from concept to completion of your novel or screenplay.

An Intuitive Path from the Co-creator of Dramatica

Seven years in the making, the StoryWeaver System is a revolutionary new intuitive approach to story development from Melanie Anne Phillips, author of The Story Mind and co-creator of Dramatica

Over 200 Interactive Story Cards

Follow the carefully crafted path of 200 interactive Story Cards and every step of the way you’ll know exactly what to do, and what to do next.

Each card focuses on a different important story point, and contains a wealth of information as well as tips & tricks for using that dramatic element in your story.

You Build on Your Own Work

Along the way, StoryWeaver automatically references the work you’ve done on previous Story Cards, so you are always drawing on and refining what you’ve already created.

You have a simple story from the very first card, then continue to add depth and richness as you expand your story with every new card.

An Intuitive Approach to Structure

Too many software products for writers focus on what needs to be done in the story while ignoring an author’s Muse.

StoryWeaver takes a unique approach, leading an author along the creative path he or she naturally follows but with guidance and direction

Four Stages of Story Creation

In the Inspiration Stage, you’ll come up with your core story ideas, characters, plot, and thematic issues. Writer’s Block? Never again! Even if you can’t think of a story idea to save your life, StoryWeaver will have you pouring out creative concepts with ease!

In the Development Stage, you’ll flesh out your ideas, and expand them into real people, places, and events. No more stick figures or clich action. StoryWeaver will ensure your story has depth and originality.

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