Steven Resell – Stealth Blogger Advanced

Steven Resell - Stealth Blogger Advanced

Steven Resell – Stealth Blogger Advanced

These are the hard-earned secrets I’ve uncovered after over 5 years of setting up niche blogs. This information is not some regurgitated info.

It is stuff that is working RIGHT NOW and will continue to work into the unforeseeable future. I can guarantee you have never seen some of this stuff before.

Times have changed, you can’t just throw up some blogs with adsense and watch the money roll in anymore – that’s stuff of ages past (if they tell you otherwise, they’re lying to you).

What worked a few years ago, just doesn’t work the same anymore. This game is being played more aggressively today. So, you have to respond in turn.

I’ve spent the last couple of years tweaking my system to where I am virtually guaranteed to make money from any blog that I set up no matter how much traffic I get (I can make money with a measly 5 – 10 unique visitors per day).

Stealth Blogger Black Book is about giving you this near “magical” ability as well. In the Black Book, you’ll learn:

– The Rapid Fire Method – My *Bread & Butter* blogging setup… learn it and profit. PERIOD.

– The MaxSense Method – This is the first time I reveal my exact tactics to squeeze the most out of AdSense and almost certainly DOUBLE your income of your sites

– The “Mirror” Tactic – This is SERIOUS “out of the box” thinking… and VERY profitable if you plan on making money with ClickBank on your blog (this is GREY HAT)

– Micro Story Tactic – a simple change to your blog that can change your site into an instant winner. I got this simple idea from listening to a list building guru… and no, it’s not about list building.

– My Fuser Script – my ninja script that can help you get indexed and get traffic almost immediately

– Yes, this is newbie friendly. I’ve laid it out with short step-by-step video lessons.

– And MUCH MORE – I can’t reveal much more on the page, but there are over 50 videos along with written guides in this course. (I don’t want to hint at some of the strategies in an

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