[Simple Local Leads] Make $250, $500, or even $1000 This Month PER CLIENT

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[Simple Local Leads] Make $250, $500, or even $1000 This Month PER CLIENT

[Simple Local Leads] Make $250, $500, or even $1000 This Month PER CLIENT

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How to Get Local Clients & Generate Leads Without Building & Ranking Websites, YouTube Videos or Messing with Facebook ads…
This simple method will have your client’s phones ringing and your bank account growing!!

Dear Fellow Warrior,

Are you wasting time trying to sell stuff that people just don’t want?

Do you think offline businesses care about SEO, Facebook, and YouTube?

NO…they just care about ONE (1) thing…

They WANT CUSTOMERS they can serve.

If you’re going to make it in the offline consulting world or local marketing business, you’ve got to get in the RIGHT business…

Most offline marketers are good-natured people and care about their clients.

If you care about anybody it’s natural to give them what they need…RIGHT??

So we sell them SEO or websites or other stuff because that’s what they “NEED”….

However it creates friction because the client doesn’t see the results.

They get bored and move on..

All the while, you’re left standing their holding the bag of WSOs you bought from gurus who sold you on the latest and greatest software or Trick method that you thought would change your life and that of your clients

This was exactly my story…I thought I had to sell them stuff like SEO, websites, logos, etc. Then it hit me one day…I’m in the WRONG business.

Like I said its natural to be in the “give people what they need business”…

Do you know the guys who are really successful, the real millionaire marketing companies….??

Do you know what makes them successful ???

They’re in a completely different business than you are so you can’t compete…

They’re not in the SEO or the website or the ….TACTICS business…

They’re in the RESULTS business.

They’ve figured out the secret to this whole thing.

You want to know what it is?

It’s NOT about tactics and strategies…

It’s NOT about services and products…

It’s NOT about Headlines and marketing funnels…

It’s ABOUT ONE (1) thing….

It’s about being in the business of GIVING PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!!

That’s it…

You’ve got to SHUT DOWN your business of “giving people what they need” and LAUNCH your new business of GIVING PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT…

Look it really is as SIMPLE as this:

Step 1 – Setup your payment System

Step 2 – Get prospective clients to call you

Step 3 – Close the deal with your new client

Step 4 – Setup their campaign

Step 5 – Track the leads

Step 6 – Get PAID

Now, imagine if you had someone who could walk you through these steps who has “been there, done that.”?

NOT some guru who did it once and created a course, but someone who does it every month and relies on it as part of his income.

That’s exactly what I want to teach you how to do in my brand new course Simple Local Leads:

Simple Local Leads is about creating a simple system that gives your clients exactly what they want so they’ll continue to pay you month in and month out…

This step by step course (with no fluff) will get you on track for making money in the next few days if you follow my steps.

In Simple Local Leads I’m going to lay out all of the important stuff you need to know (without the crap like where I went to High School or how I made my first million)


How to Make Money from Selling Leads & Lead Generation services.

This should be a no-brainer, but so many people leave this out of their courses because they don’t actually get paid!! I’m going to show you 3 different methods for making money and how to make sure you get paid on time, every time…

How to get clients calling you and begging you to send them leads.

How would you like to have 15 prospects call you in 1 hr…That’s right. I’m going to teach you how I got 15 calls in 1 hr from prospective clients begging me to send them leads…I signed up 8 of them!

The fastest way to get leads for your clients without spending a bunch of money.

Don’t over-complicate it!! Getting leads is NOT as hard as it seems. I’m going to show you my shortcut and the right way to do it!

How to outsource both lead generation for GETTING clients and lead generation FOR your clients.

This is sooo important because you don’t have time to do ALL of the stuff unless you want to be stuck in the NEEDS business. Once you start tapping into the WANTS business, you’ll be so busy you won’t have time to do it all by yourself.

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