Richard Legg & Eric Farewell – Niche Domination Secrets

Richard Legg & Eric Farewell - Niche Domination Secrets

Richard Legg & Eric Farewell – Niche Domination Secrets

The “Niche Domination Secrets” Coaching Course…

The original plan for the course was 4 hour long modules but it soon turned into a 5 week class with over 8 hours of pure content – including a ton of “never before seen” tips and techniques for dominating profitable niches.

Our students loved the course and based on the success of the training, we decided to release the full recordings of the entire 5 week series.

Here’s just some of what Eric shared …

Choosing the perfect niche market: The proven “success signals” for identifying markets that are ripe for the picking.

How to know if the market is too competitive before you start.

Where to go for the best free niche market research.

Using offline research to dominate the online marketplace.

Determining the profitability of any niche market and figure out how much money you can make before you even create a product.

The secrets to effortlessly breaking into any niche you choose.

Whether or not you should choose markets you’re passionate about (And why other marketers may not have been telling you the truth?)

What markets you MUST avoid!

Determining how popular a market is using free tools.

How to use these methods to dominate offline markets as well as online.

Actual examples of some of the best niches to target and the exact reasons that make them ideal.

How to decide what types of products people are screaming out to buy.

Choosing your price for maximum profit – should you follow the trend or be a trend-setter?

What tools you will need to guarantee your success in any market you choose.

How you can tap into lists of 5,000 … 10,000 … 20,000 people without worrying about ANY list building yourself!

The easiest way to become an instant expert – even if you have ZERO experience.

The fastest way to create complete and profitable products in less than an afternoon.

The secrets to using multimedia to turn one product into three or more.

How to create high ticket CD/DVD products that you can sell for hundreds of dollar but cost you less than $2 to make!

How to create a product that is GUARANTEED to sell.

And much, much more!

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