Pure Reiki – Zen Serenity

Pure Reiki – Zen Serenity

Pure Reiki – Zen Serenity

Pure Reiki – Zen Serenity

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Dear Friend,

I’d like to speak to you about something very important, just for the next few minutes.

It’s something that a lot of our Pure Reiki Healing students have used – to great effect – as they embarked on their journey to becoming great Reiki masters.

You see, one big issue I’ve found among my students is that they find themselves drained – either physically or emotionally – after administering a Reiki treatment, usually during their first few attempts to channel the energy flow of their patients or even their own energies.

Some may not feel the drain, but they don’t feel as if they’re getting the results that they’re really after.

While this is not a normal occurrence among Reiki practitioners who have had years of experience, it is surprisingly common among newer initiates.

This could be due to a number of reasons, and not just inexperience on the part of the new initiate.

The new initiate might not be fully attuned or connected to the universal life force energy – the Ki – before starting a healing session, so the initiate might be using their own life force instead of channeling their patient’s (which is how Reiki therapy should really be done).

While this is not necessarily life-threatening, it can affect your own well-being as a Reiki practitioner, as well as the effectiveness of the treatments you administer.

As a new initiate to the art of Reiki, it’s important that you know how to regain your center, your balance as it were, as you use your newfound abilities to heal others or even yourself.

Which is why I’ve created something that I call the…

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