Power Memory Formula

Power Memory Formula

Power Memory Formula

Author: Gary Busey


English | 2013 | eLearning | 444 MB

Discover how you can release your undiscovered photographic memory in just 20 minutes free from rote memorization, free from stress and absolutely guaranteed!

Learn To Maximize & Optimize Your Memorizing Power With Power Memory Formula Reviews

Power Memory Formula 30-Day Coaching Program is a novel method that helps you remember and recall anything you want. To help you know more about this method, I will divide my review into five following sections.

What Is Power Memory Formula?

Terrible were schooldays for Gary Busey. His teachers, doctors and parents concluded that he was unable to retrieve any information. His “3-second memory span” earned him the nickname “The Goldfish”. Fear of failure in entering college pushed him to overcome his learning disability. During his serious study on memory improvement, he discovered the reason why the Roman orators could deliver long speeches with unerring accuracy and without any aid of notes; why monks and philosophers could recall scriptures verbatim and vividly. Moreover, he realized that humans are yet to harness their memorizing power effectively. After trial and error, he has been able to unlock the secret of possessing prodigious memory and memorize whatever he wants. Hence, he is confident to introduce his Power Memory Formula, an advanced memory retrieval system that intends to maximize and optimize your memorizing power in 30 days (10 minutes per day). In fact, more than 20,000 business professionals, sales executives and students worldwide have seen positive changes in their lives thanks to this system. Regardless of your background, you can benefit much from this superpower memory releasing methodology. Are you ready to discover how?

How Will You Benefit From Power Memory Formula?

The author hopes that you can make long presentations without using notes, remember everything inside the books you read and even 100 digit numbers after the first time hearing them. This advanced memory retrieval system includes 2 easy-start components.

• Easy-start component #1: Power Memory Formula 30-Day Audio Coaching Program. This program offers 30 audio coaching lessons that cover
• “Loci”-a 2000-year old memory retrieval technique devised by the Romans. This technique using your inherent skills can help your brain achieve and retrieve information like a computer
• Umpteen ways to enrich your vocabulary
• The number one secret for developing a photographic memory
• A simple 5-second trick that helps you memorize every detail of facial features and name of anyone you meet

• Easy-start component #2: Power Memory Formula 30-Day Action Workbook. This 40-page workbook is supposed to train your brain and mind in recalling information correctly.

Besides, the first few customers will receive Power Learning Binaural Beats MP3 program as a bonus from the author. Binaural Beats, a modern brain science, serve to speed up brain evolution with great ease and quick results. This program can help you control your brain and stimulate it to function better. The second bonus is Deep Relaxation Binaural Beats MP3 Program that is of great use for businessmen who walk on a fast lane. This program can help them balance work and life, enjoy inner peace and enhance overall well-being.

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