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As I have mentioned before, I get my graphics from one of the greatest graphics outfits on the net. Recently, these guys came out with a product that I was really excited about, PL Secrets. As is my normal approach, I did not want to promote it without a review.

I liked the product so much that I decided to promote it on my blog, send it to my mailing list, negotiate some special pricing for my readers, and add a bonus if you buy through my affiliate link. The bottom line is that I love it, and I think you will love it too.


If you just cannot wait, go check it out now (time to take advantage of the deep discount is limited — for real). This is not a marketing thing — I really negotiated a special 48-hour deal for you. More on this later.

Two Internet Marketing Truths

There are about seven or eight things that I think are fundamentally true in Internet Marketing — but for now, let me tell you about two of them.

1. You need your own products. Why? The reason is simple. You can multiply your earnings by putting your products up on ClickBank or PayDotCom and leverage the power of affiliates. Affiliates drive traffic for you, and with a good product, you can have hundreds of affiliates that are thrilled to promote for you.

When I say this, I always hear the same objection: But Mark, I don’t know how to create a product. I don’t have anything to say. I’m not worthy. You know the drill. PL Secrets solves this problem for you by providing you with excellent PLR products each month.

2. Landing page quality is critical. You need great landing pages with great copy for your products. Professional graphics are a must.

To this, I usually here the refrain — but Mark, great graphics are expensive. That is actually true — I have paid a lot of money for graphics. But the results always pay for themselves. PL Secrets solves this problem for you by providing you the most incredibly excellent PLR landing pages that I have ever seen. You must see these graphics to believe them.

The Bottom Line

PL Secrets provides you with excellent products each and every month. You can modify them, put your name on them, sell them, and keep the profits. All the profits.

I personally reviewed the products from Month 1 and Month 2, and I was blown away. The month one products are already gone (the limited distribution protects their value for members), but there are some killer bonuses in month 2). What you see now on the site are the month 2 products. Those are the products that you get if you sign up today. And then of course, you get the bonus for month two and then products for the following months. Every month, you can deploy new products.

Here is the deal

Until about Midnight on Saturday (about 48 hours from now), you can join PL Secrets at the Earlybird Pricing. As far as I know, this is one of the very few places you can find that price. I know one other guy that was able to get this deal for his readers, and he is almost sold out of his 25 copies. And, after about midnight EST or so on Saturday, my special price will be gone.
There are only 25 slots at the Earlybird Pricing for my readers. No kidding. I was lucky to get this deal for you at all, and I was only able to negotiate 25 spots. Again, they are trying to limit the numbers to protect the value. They are only letting me have 25 (dang it).
Two killer bonuses inside. Be sure to check out the bottom of the sale page. My favorite (especially for new people) is the training center. This is one of the things that I insisted on on prior to promoting.
One killer MRR Bonus direct from me. The 1st month’s products are no longer available, but I have gotten special permission to give away Master Resale Rights to AdWords Cash Mountain – complete with everything you need for your website. This bonus is worth the first month’s price alone. Just sign up through my link and email me your receipt and I will send you a link.
That is about it.

On thing that makes me feel good about this sort of promotion is the 100% absolute money back guarantee. Be sure and check that out at the bottom of the PL Secrets sales letter. There is no risk.

This is one of the best products that I have seen this year. If you have ever wanted to sell your own products — this is the way to get started.

Do not hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions.


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