Personal Growth Strategies – Brian Tracy

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Personal Growth Strategies - Brian Tracy

Personal Growth Strategies – Brian Tracy

“Freedom is not procured by a full enjoyment of what is desired, but by controlling that
desire.” (Epictetus)
You always perform on the outside based on the way you are programmed on
the inside. All changes in your external performance begin with a change in
your internal programming.
When you begin to think and feel differently on the inside, you begin to behave differently
and get different results on the outside.
Mental programming is based on many decades of research in behavioral psychology and
is one of the most important activities that you’ll ever learn and apply. You have learned to
be the person you are today, and you can learn to be the person you want to be tomorrow.
Your future can be unlimited.
In this lesson, you learn simple, proven methods to unlearn old habits and develop new,
positive habits of thought, behavior and personal performance.
In this lesson you will learn:
■ The Law of Correspondence
■ The Law of Subconscious Activity
■ The Law of Concentration and the Law of Substitution
■ The key to programming your subconscious mind
■ The key to peak performance
How to run your life like a company
■ The parallels between businesses and individuals in the marketplace
■ The problems of competitive markets
■ The seven “Rs” of personal and managerial effectiveness
■ The GOSPA Model applied to your work and your career
■ How to position yourself in the marketplace
■ How to ask your way to success
■ The use of power in negotiating
■ How emotions can help you or hurt you in negotiating
■ How to use time as a critical element in a negotiation
■ Why preparation is 80 percent of success
■ The Walk-Away Method of negotiating

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