Pat Rigsby, Nick Berry -Fitness Profit Formula

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Pat Rigsby, Nick Berry -Fitness Profit Formula

Pat Rigsby, Nick Berry -Fitness Profit Formula

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Who Else Wants A Flood Of New
Clients And Revenue For Their Fitness
Business Every Month…Guaranteed!
Learn The Secrets To Exploding Your Fitness Profits Your Certification Never Taught You!

If you’ve been struggling to grow your personal training business, gym or fitness bootcamp…or you’re just looking for some new ideas to give your business a boost… this will be the most important letter you’ve ever read!

You see, there is a proven formula for building a six or even seven figure fitness business that fewer than 1% of fitness professionals ever discover. A formula that can have such a powerful effect on the growth of your business that, as incredible as it sounds, it is possible to double, triple…even quadruple your business within months not years!
But Before I Tell You About This Profit Producing Formula I Want To Share What Some Other Fitness Professionals Just Like You Have To Say…
“From peanuts to over $200,000 a year”

“I met Pat and he started coaching me, I had a hobby not a business. I had maybe 30 clients. I had a vision for my hobby to turn into a business. Pat made that happen. He turned my hobby into a thriving six figure business that has seen my income go from peanuts to over $200,000 a year. Pat has changed my life and transformed my business to make my vision a reality. I am forever thankful to him for his expertise, guidance and knowledge on how to take any business to the next level and make visions a reality. Simply put, if you pass by having Pat as your coach you are better off not being in business at all, because no one who has a business makes a mistake that big and ever recovers.”
Ben Warstler, Owner Vermont Bootcamps
“My income is up for the 10th month in a row!”

“Hey Pat, I just wanted to give you a quick update and let you know that the end of the month numbers are in and my income is up for the 10th month in a row! That’s every month since I started your coaching program. My income is actually up 5 fold, and things are running smoother than ever, even with all of these clients. Thanks for making it easy!”
Steve Long, Complete Fitness Results

Today I am the Co-Owner of over a dozen six and seven-figure fitness businesses, but it hasn’t always been that way.

I got my first Certification way back in 1993. After 7 years of working at a University, I decided to try my hand at the commercial side of the fitness industry and hopefully learn enough to open my own business. My first job as a trainer in a big box club paid a whopping $6 for each 30 minute session I trained.

Within just a few months I’d climbed the ladder to running the Personal Training Departments for 8 Clubs owned by the then largest franchisee of Gold’s Gyms in the world.

Then I took the plunge and joined forces with my business partner Nick Berry to launch a training business in Elizabethtown, KY (population 23,000). I moved my wife and then 3 year old stepson into a basement and poured myself into learning everything I could about how to turn our little business into a personal training money machine.

Within a year we’d built that little training business in small town Kentucky into a powerhouse with over 400 clients. We took our newfound formula for squeezing money out of our training business and opened a second location. Over the next couple of years we kept discovering new strategies for bringing in new clients, automating our businesses and creating multiple streams of income.
“5 figure months are no longer a goal, they are the norm.”

“We moved 1000 miles across the country to open our Bootcamp and training facility. Luckily by the time we had lost about $40k of our own money from our savings we started working with Pat and instantly started making our money back. Just by implementing a few of Pat’s simple suggestions consistently, 5 figure months are no longer a goal, they are the norm. We are now looking at expanding and implementing the same systems and strategies we learned from Pat to build multiple 5 figure locations around our town and enjoy the lifestyle we dream of having.”
BJ Bliffert, Full Throttle Fitness Systems
What’s This Secret Formula?

After using this Formula to build our own successful fitness businesses, we decided to start offering coaching for a select few fitness professionals.

Over the next few years we shared several powerful parts of our Formula with coaching clients in the programs we’ve run, but up until now have never fully disclosed the entire Formula to anyone but our internal team to maximize the profits of our own businesses and our Elite Mastermind Members (who invest $9000 a year to be part of that program).
So, Why Am I Sharing Our Fitness Profit Formula Now?

It’s simple really. I believe that the best way for me to build our businesses is to guarantee that you can build yours. I know that if you apply even a few of the strategies that I disclose from our Formula, you’re going to see more business growth in next few months than you normally would in the next few years.

Once that happens I’m hoping you’ll continue to let me help you grow your business.
“Pushed our income to multiple 6 figures”

“We have been working with Pat since September of 2009. Working with him has completely changed our fitness business. We went from just barely 60 boot camp members to steadily over 220 members. Pat has helped us find ‘hidden’ profit centers in our business that has pushed our income to multiple 6 figures. All while teaching us systems that streamline our business and free up our time enough to enjoy our lives… we run our business it does not run us anymore. In a few words, he is a business genius and we wouldn’t be where we are without knowledge, experience and guidance.”
Jeff & Tiffany Larson, Napa Valley Adventure Boot Camp

Now I’m going to show you exactly how you can explode your training business, gym or bootcamp with our proven Fitness Profit Formula.
Here’s what you’re discover in this incredible program…

Module One: Fitness Niche Domination – I’ll walk you through every step to quickly and easily find niche markets where you can position yourself as the ‘Go To Expert’ and show you the magic formula for extracting every opportunity those markets have to offer!

Module Two: Leverage For Maximum Profit – You’ll discover the real Hidden Goldmine in your business: Leverage. I’ll show you over a dozen different ways that you can leverage what you’re currently doing and turn it into ‘found money.’ This secret alone has been responsible for 9 of our 13 businesses and multiple 7 figures in revenues!

Module Three: Time Management & Systems – I’m going to teach you exactly how we’ve been able to get over 400% more done in less time while managing 13 different businesses. I’ll reveal our keys to time management, the solution for creating simple system to run your business and the secrets to making your time infinitely more valuable.

Module Four: High ROI Fitness Marketing – Discover multiple proven strategies that allow you to hunt down your best prospects and convince them that there is simply no other fitness solution that can provide them with the results that you can. Create magnetic marketing solutions and offers that hypnotize your prospects.

Use these cutting-edge, recession-proof strategies that are guaranteed to improve your response rate by 200%-300%. Find new prospects that you never knew existed. Your ideal prospects are out there and they are ready to buy from you. Find out the secrets to locating and pulling them into your sales funnel.

To make a long story short, you’ll never have another sleepless night wondering where your next lead is going to come from!

Module Five: Multiple Streams of Fitness Income – All of the top earning fitness pros have Multiple Streams of Income and in this module I’ll reveal the blueprint so you can too. Every fitness professional has at least 6 different revenue streams at their disposal and I’ll show you how you can put those in action!

Module Six: Blogging 101 – A step-by-step guide to building a high profit fitness blog! This guide is a simplified yet powerful action plan that will show you exactly how to start building your very own profitable blogs in less than 24 hours.

Module 7 – Youtube & Facebook Marketing – Discover how two of the most visited websites in the internet can be turned into your very own automated client generating machines without having to spends hours upon hours in front of the computer.

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