Oren Klaff – Pitch Mastery [Keynote Presentation Video Fix]

Oren Klaff - Pitch Mastery [Keynote Presentation Video Fix]

Oren Klaff - Pitch Mastery [Keynote Presentation Video Fix]

Oren Klaff – Pitch Mastery [Keynote Presentation Video Fix]

Pitch Mastery

A New and Better Method to Pitch Present and Persuade

As the Director of Capital Markets, Oren has grown the assets of the investment bank Intersection Capital to over $250 million dollars, using his pioneering approaches to raising capital and incorporation of neuroscience into the capital markets program.

Get the method that closed over $400 million in deals. If you’re selling ideas to investors, presenting to JV partners or pitching client for new business, Oren Klaff’s Pitch Mastery is made to work for you.


You’re sitting across from the one person who can help you secure the biggest deal of the year. Instead of listening to you, he’s texting on his phone and then tells you he has to take another call in few minutes.

Your next move means the difference between big bucks or going back to the drawing board.

Oren Klaff knows exactly what to do next.

In addition to personally closing over $450 million in deals, Oren has done 10,000+ hours of research on the science of how the human brain makes decisions and responds to pitches.

He has tested this research in some of the toughest boardrooms in the world. After nearly half a billion dollars in closed deals, Oren knows what works and what doesn’t.

He’s distilled it all down into an easily-learned and scientifically-repeatable system: the STRONG Method.

What Oren has discovered will surprise you. His methods are unlike anything you’ve seen before—and many of them run counter to the sales and marketing strategies we’ve long accepted as gospel.

However, as you dig deeper, Oren’s approach becomes less and less counter-revolutionary and ever more relevant and easy to put into practice.

Here’s what’s irrefutable: The STRONG Method will show you how to walk into any room, grab and keep your target’s attention and walk out with a done deal—whether you’re looking to secure capital, partner on a joint venture or close a new client.

It also works in the online space to help you create effective online videos and sales presentations for significant increases in your close ratios.

For the first time, Oren is offering a step-by-step blueprint to applying his STRONG Method in the new Pitch Mastery System.

Membership in the Pitch Mastery System includes:
1): A series of 6 videos Detailing the STRONG Method

This six-video series provides a complete blueprint to implementing Oren’s powerful STRONG Method in the real world:

Video 1: Set the frame
Oren will show you how to get control of a room—even if it’s filled with strangers you just met—using the underground method he calls “frame Control.” frame Control will allow you to get past the “gatekeeper of the mind” and grab attention when you need it most.
Video 2: Tell the Story
When people make decisions, they often lapse into an analytical mindset, which can be your greatest obstacle to closing a deal. “Tell the Story” shows you how to grab your audience’s attention with a provocative story to break that analytical mindset and advance you toward a decision that goes your favor.
Video 3: Reveal the Intrigue
Between text messages, emails and phone calls, it’s easy for your audience to get distracted in the middle of your pitch. Oren will show you how to get, and keep your audience’s attention throughout your pitch using the force of tension, including of risk, danger and time constraint to create an unforgettable presentation.
Video 4: Offer the Prize
Typically, the buyer in any arrangement has the power. Where does the power truly come from? He’s got the money, so he’s the “Prize” you have to chase. Find out how to turn the tables in any arrangement so your target is chasing you to win your attention and respect. When you can master Prizing, you can close improve your closing ratio and move the revenue needle.
Video 5: Nail the Hookpoint
Most final decisions are made on emotion, not logic. Lay the final groundwork to get your audience fully emotionally engaged in your idea. When you get to the Hookpoint, you will have them asking to be included in your deal.
Video 6: Get a Decision
The last few minutes of a meeting are the most critical. Most of us act “needy” at this point. Discover the power of pulling away, which helps people make their decision, all while maintaining your power and status and avoiding the trap of looking “needy.”

You’ll also receive a video training on the Grand Architecture of a Pitch: the structure of a pitch that gives you the framework in which to use the STRONG method that you can implement instantly and start making or raising more money for you or your clients

Each video comes with:

PDF transcripts for easy reference whenever you want to brush up on your techniques
MP3 audio files of each video to review the content on the go, at the gym, in your car or wherever you choose
Specific action steps you can take to put Oren’s proven methods into use— and see results. Many people begin Prizing immediately.

2): Half a Dozen of Oren’s Most Powerful Pitchdecks

Each of these real-world examples have proven themselves effective by closing $1 – $20M deals. These PDFs of Oren’s highly-effective Pitch Decks will help you:

Get more meetings by intriguing your target without giving away too much.
Build your status and protect your price by showing your targets that you know how to play the game of business at a higher level than they’ve seen before.
Get you access to bigger and bigger buyers by displaying a crisp and concise business story that gets you past the lower-level gatekeepers.

3): Videos of Oren’s Pitch Teardowns & Deconstructions

Watch Oren take a pitch, rip it apart and put it back together…the right way. Investment banks hire Oren to show them how to do this right. You can also watch in happen.

You’ll get an insider’s point of view on what your target needs to hear in order to commit – and what mistakes will cost you the deal. You’ll also walk away with actionable steps to refine your pitch, and deliver it as well as any Wall Street pro.
4): Pitch Mastery Tools and Resource Center

Access the neuroeconomics research behind the Pitch Anything method through special reports and additional resources to help you pitch, present and persuade effectively. You’ll enjoy this collection of articles, research and information that took Oren several years to pull together.
5): Six Acceleration Calls—Weekly Q&A Webinars
with Oren

You’ll get access to six live webinars with Oren to help you accelerate your progress, apply the STRONG method to your individual situation, reinforce your learning so Oren’s methods become second nature and work through any sticking points you may have.
6): Limited Edition Pitch Deck Book

The first 200 people who purchase Pitch Mastery will be mailed a hardbound “Pitch Deck” book with Oren’s most powerful presentations right at your fingertips. Oren wants you to outright copy what he has already been done, do you can ramp-up fast on the method. (Copies still available. Books will mail in approximately 30 days.)
One truly great pitch can improve your career, make you a lot of money—and even change your life.

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