NLP Master Practitioner Training

NLP Master Practitioner Training

NLP Master Practitioner Training

This course is an absolute must for professional change agents and those who want to achieve their dreams. With its emphasis on practice and use of specialist trainers, this comprehensive 20 day advanced course is for graduates of NLP Practitioner courses.

Listening to students over 25 years, here are the main themes that emerge:

  • Discover how to develop true mastery and achieve seamless integration of NLP Practitioner skills
  • Take more of your existing skills to new levels of integration and unconscious competence
  • Capitalise on your investment in NLP Practitioner skills by achieving your key goals
  • Learn to achieve change at the most advanced level and create your own change processes
  • Advance career transition and development by concentrating on your mission-critical strategies and skills
  • Develop powerful new NLP skills and techniques and learn new and creative ways of combining them
  • Focus on personal development in much greater depth for major gains in awareness and well-being

Why Choose JSnlp Master Practitioner and Coaching Training?

John has one of the best reputations for delivering top quality NLP training in the UK. His unique background includes co-authoring one of the best selling NLP books of all time, having the longest professional NLP career in the UK, being selected as the National Tutor for NLP and numerous training awards.

Over the years he has evolved this training to a world class level to enable you to get from it the outstanding results you want.

To accelerate your personal and professional development to a whole new level, here are some of the unique reasons for joining us:

  • No one has a better reputation for intensive, enjoyable and effective training
  • Widespread global recognition including the UK’s two most professional NLP bodies
  • The only NLP Master Practitioner with quantitative research demonstrating effectiveness
  • Optional ‘tutorials’ with John on Skype – maximum 6 sessions @50% student rate
  • Advanced coaching skills development and a recognised coaching qualification
  • 50% of the training delivered by John for continuity and quality
  • Variety of specialist top NLP trainers chosen for the quality of their training
  • Apply the skills you learn to the practical application projects of your choosing
  • Learn comprehensive modelling skills with your choice of topic
  • Develop a clearer understanding of NLP and more skills ‘in the muscle’
  • Learn a ‘clean’ version of NLP – high on integrity and low on manipulation
  • Smaller group size (18 maximum) for more individual attention
  • One weekend seminar every month over 10 months for optimum skills integration
  • Minimum of one experienced NLP tutor/six students for individual coaching
  • Regular practice groups to ensure good skill development and application
  • Daily skills development exercises and reflective journalling
  • Three assessment and coaching days, spread to ensure skills development
  • Quality feedback on assessment, ‘grades’ available on request
  • Value for money, cost-effectiveness, and ability to spread payments over the course
  • 90% of students choose this course on the basis of personal recommendation
  • No quibble money back guarantee, see terms and conditions
  • Tailored upgrade for ‘short’ Practitioners to full 20 days available
  • You can spread the course over 2 years to suit a busy timetable

Who joins the NLP Master Practitioner training?

Our Master Practitioner students are committed to challenging themselves and their expertise beyond their comfort zone. In a safe and supportive environment they discover stronger and deeper ways to change outmoded beliefs and behaviour in both themselves and others.

This course, delivered by our team of highly experienced trainers led by John Seymour, is for NLP Practitioner graduates who are keen to develop a new and more powerful practice for applying their NLP skills. We pride ourselves on the support we offer students joining our courses, having completed their Practitioner training with other schools, and they are usually pleasantly surprised at how seamless and effective the JSnlp learning experience is.

Because of our world class reputation for the highly successful transfer of skills, 90% of students on our courses come through word of mouth recommendation. As NLP has the potential to greatly improve personal and professional effectiveness our training draws people from many fields including:

    • Learning and Development
    • Training & Teaching
    • Coaching & Mentoring
    • Consulting
    • Management
    • Social Entrepreneurs
    • Change Agents
    • All walks of life

About the training

why choose JSnlp NLP Master Practitioner course

Open to graduates of an NLP Practitioner training, the JSnlp 20 day non-residential NLP Master Practitioner Training Course meets the criteria of the Association for NLP and the more demanding Professional Guild of NLP. These are the two most reputable professional NLP bodies in the UK. The optional integrated NLP Approach to Coaching Diploma provides the training required by the Association for Coaching for Foundation Coach membership.

The material is delivered to suit all learning preferences (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic) and you will be provided with detailed handouts and flip-chart miniatures at each seminar. Each skill or process will be introduced by the trainer and then demonstrated. You will then have the opportunity to ask questions before practicing the skills for yourself in groups of twos or threes. You will be encouraged throughout the course to practice coaching skills that will enable you to apply your NLP knowledge when working with others.

Robert Dilts has observed that the content of Master Practitioner courses differs by around 60%. Training quality also varies widely. So, it is really important that you choose the right course for you. For more guidance read How to choose the best NLP training course.

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