NLP Copywriting 1,2 and 3 – Harlan Kilstein

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NLP Copywriting 1 and 2 and 3 - Harlan Kilstein

NLP Copywriting 1,2 and 3 – Harlan Kilstein| Total: 11 GB

Harlan Kilstein – NLP Copywriting 1 | 3GB

Many years ago, my hypnosis office was leaking money. Every week I placed expensive full page ads in the Miami Herald and waited for the calls to come in. That?s where I really honed my chops at copy ? when my own money was on the line. Until I noticed?

Our No Show Rate For Appointments Was Over 80%!

People would call for appointments ? which were called screenings. Almost everyone who called booked an appointment. But then the overwhelming majority ?no-showed.?

It was costing me a fortune. I calculated my cost per lead and figured it to be $200 per lead. But because of the huge no show rate, even though most prospects signed up, the cost per client was a staggering $1200. With an average sale of $1677, my business was rapidly losing money.

So when I heard I could book an hour of Jay Abraham?s time for five grand, I didn?t hesitate. It took a few weeks to get scheduled but when I did, Jay?s suggestions made me groan in both their simplicity and their brilliance.

I?ll share them with you now because Jay used a NLP concept to turn my business around.

Harlan Kilstein -NLP Copywriting 2 | 6.98 Gb

How To Legally Steal Copywriting Secrets From The Top Pros. Here’s The Backstage Pass Inside The Minds of The Greatest Copywriters Alive Including John Carlton, David Deutsch, David Garfinkel, and Brian Keith Voiles. Plus, You’ll Discover A New Way Of Connecting With Your Audience So Your Conversion Rates Skyrocket.
In 1975, two California researchers stun the therapeutic world by releasing a model of effective therapy. Overnight, they teach people with no background at all in therapy how to accomplish breakthroughs in just a single session. They show how to eliminate years of therapy and accomplish rapid personal change.
But they aren’t finished…
In that same year, they release another model from the therapeutic world. In this case, they have modeled the language, body movements, and tonal changes and shifts of the world’s greatest hypno-therapist. Within days people with no background in hypnosis were covertly inducing deep trance phenomena and assisting people make deep and lasting changes.
The ability to model or copy a behavior is a powerful technology that was at the heart of NLP. By carefully studying the patterns of the exemplar you wanted to model, you could duplicate the behaviors and install them in yourself or someone else.
Harlan Kilstein -NLP Copywriting 3 | 1.02 Gb

Heres the deal.
Give me four weeks to play NLP math with you.
NLPCopywriting 3 is a 12 week program covering every aspect of your onlinebusiness. If at the end of four weeks, you havent seen somesignificant change in your numbers by doing what I suggest, I insist onrefunding your money.

And honestly, if I cant get those numbers to go up, I dont DESERVE your money.
So this isnt rocket science. (Remember, my son hates math.)
If you want to see your numbers go up, sign up below for this online course.
If youre happy with 1 or 2 %, dont sign up.
BTW,my buddy Frank Kerns old niche site converted at .5% Less than 1%bought from his site. Than he started to learn Mass Control and NLPand…
Need I seriously say any more
Join me by signing up below,

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