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Niche Reaper 2.0

Niche Reaper 2.0

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Amazing Software Researches 50,000+ Trending Keywords Each Day & Finds 150,000+ HOT New Opportunities Per Month

Discover High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords…

…In Real Time – All Pre-Qualified & Fully Researched For You!!!!


Target The Wrong Keywords & Fail – It’s That Simple!

Even if You Find A Keyword With High Traffic & Low Competition You are Still Likely To Fail…

Minimize Risk with Niche Research

Even if you’re certain that the keyword has good traffic & low competition there’s still a high risk of failure. Some keywords are are simply low commercial value.

These include “info keywords & “specific long tail leywords. The keyword has to have some commercial intent to be worth anything to anyone. Most keyword tools won’t tell you that.

Marketers Often Forget About Commercial Intent

Manual Keyword Research is Simply
The Mother of All Time Killers

We All Want Hot Trending,.. High Traffic,.. Low Competition Keywords – Finding Them is a Huge Task!

NicheReaper - High Traffic - Hot Trending Keywords

The Holy Grail of on-line marketing is finding the high traffic, low competition’ high commercial intent keywords. To find these usually you’ll need to come up with some ideas & then research: traffic stats, PPC value, expected Adsense earnings, competitor’s backlinks, social exposure data etc. Some of this data is only available through costly paid search metric sites.

Even if you uncover just 1 possible hot keyword you’ll usually find 100’s of variants which are also worth investigating. This multiplies your research time exponentially. This usually means cross referencing multiple keywords via multiple data sources. Time which most of us can’t spare.

Researching Just 1 Keyword Often Leads to 1000’s
of Related Searches

Properly researching just 1 keyword often ends up being a big job:

  • The Seed keyword usually exposes 100s of keyword variants
  • Doing backlink research on 100+ variants for Google top 10 = 1000+ Searches
  • Doing Social Exposure Research on 100+ variants for Google top 10 = 1000+ Searches
  • The variants often expose more variants & before you know it days are lost.

Step 1 – Think Up Keywords
Throw your keyword idea at keyword research tools & see what derivatives come out from your seed keyword. Make list of keywords with at least 1000+ monthly searches
Step 2 – Related Keyword Research
Use keyword research tools to find more related keyword ideas with at least 1000+ monthly searches
Step 3 – Paid Keyword Research
Research each keyword with trusted search metrics tools such as SEOMOZ or SEMRUSH to get accurate traffic, CPC figures & adword competition data
Step 4 – Competitor Research
Research all Google page 1 competitors by performing backlink, social signal & SEO factor checks to get an idea of effort/strategy required to beat competitor

It’s Repetitive, Boring, Costly & Time Consuming


With NicheReaper You Get The Hottest Trending Commercially Viable Keywords in Seconds!

5000+ Daily Hot Trending Keywords – All Fully Researched For You With Commercial Intent Scoring …

NicheReaper works 24 Hours per day

NicheReaper is a pioneering research tool which doesn’t mess about. It’s the only real time keyword discovery tool that searches the web 24 hours a day & digs up some 60,000 new trending keywords per day & researches them ALL! But not just any old keywords…

The Cream of The Crop…


When developing this product our primary objective was to save users time & only deliver the best opportunities. So we removed anything which is “probably worthless” from our results.

Always Fresh…


In NicheReaper 1.0 we kept all 7 Million researched keywords in our database… seemed like a good idea at the time however it’s harder to find hot trending keywords with huge volumes of data – so in NicheReaper 2 we’re dumping all data over 60 days old.

So you get is 5000+ daily trending keywords & approximately 300,000 keywords* researched in the last 60 days. So all you have to do is find something you like, look at the evidence & make your choice.
(*NicheReaper 2.0 was switched on in January 2014 so keyword volume will be 150,000 – 300,000 for Feb-March 2014)

No Brain Ache Thinking Up New Ideas!

90%+ of ideas are rejected with keyword research, hence thinking up new ideas is not an efficient use of time – specially as that time could be better spent on profitable activities

With NicheReaper you don’t have to, it does it all for you. So no more trawling through dozens of sites falling asleep at the keyboard, no more keyword research tools that work one minute not the next. Just 5000+ daily hot new keyword ideas and the supporting evidence for each one.

It Finds HOT Keywords You’d Never Think Of

Find Everything You Need to Make a Smart Targeting Decision One One Screen!

NicheReaper Members Area Main Screen

Simple New User Interface…

Our awesome new user interface makes it easy to find, search & export keyword lists. As you can see above I found 2 keywords that looked interesting whilst just taking the product screenshot:

Due date calculator: appears to have massive search volume & huge estimated adsense income. As expected main vanity URLS have gone & most competitors have an average of 218 backlinks & appear to be SEO savvy. This looks like a keyword with potential.

Panasonic vt50: product keywords are often hot for a specific period which means acting fast – these are good keywords while “trending” especially with vanity domains available – it sings niche review site with affiliate link to a reseller like Amazon. It’s good practice to look at the action versions of this keyword such as “Panasonic VT50 review” or “Panasonic VT50 buy” & do a manual search check traffic before committing.

Full Competitor Research Already Done For You!

Google Top 10 Competitor Research Screen

See What The Competition is Up to At a Glance!

Just hover over the icon next to the keyword & presto full competitor research! This is exclusive to NicheReaper.

In this case due date calculator keyword has a .gov site in mid page 1 results which suggest that competitors 1-5 are authority sites – the high number of backlinks supports that. It looks like hard work to get a high page 1 ranking but also looks highly lucrative. This would make a great long term project for marketers who can write content rich niche sites + build some social exposure & get some natural high pr backlinks.

Automated Keyword Research is Simply
a Game Changer

NicheReaper Had a Massive Impact on My Business & I’m Certain It’ll do the Same for You…

From: Matt Garrett, Gazmat Publishing

Matt G Photo

Hi Webmasters & Marketers,

Some of you may know me, I’ve been a professional blogger & niche marketer for over a decade. Automated keyword research literally transformed my on-line business since I first used it back in 2008.

Between 2004 & 2008 I made an “OK” online income, but nothing to shout home about. Most of my time then was eaten up by keyword research. I figured that if I could automate the process I could make more profit by building sites. So I run this idea past a few programmers & it lead to the making of NicheReaper 1.0 in 2008. Initially this tool was built just for me… but as computing power & internet speeds more than quadrupled over the years it was possible to make it into a commercial tool… which is what we did!

The 6 key objectives of NicheReaper were:

  • FIND popular trending keywords by searching authority sites
  • QUALIFY keywords for traffic, CPC, potential ad revenue
  • CHECK keywords with paid search metrics sites for data quality
  • RESEARCH Google top 10 competitors for SEO factors, backlinks & social signals
  • DISQUALIFY low value keywords & highlight keywords with commercial intent
  • SHOW availability of vanity keyword domains & Facebook URLS

Since I started using NicheReaper in 2008 I’ve made more than 7 figures on-line. I’m not genius or a workaholic, I’m simply consistent in finding niches & building valuable digital assets without wasting time buried in unprofitable tasks.

This isn’t a get “rich quick scheme” – it’s simply a great tool & like all good tools in the right hands it’ll make money.

You Don’t Need to be a Pro – Just Some Basic Skills Like Building a WordPress Site Will Do…

Ideally you should be able to build a basic WordPress site, write good related content & perhaps do some simple SEO like: adding keywords to titles, headings, building backlinks & social sharing. If you’re OK with that & like myself you’ve been bogged down with keyword research then this is definitely the right product for you.

This is one of my Monthly Ad Statements:

Matt Garrett - Ad Revenue Screenshot Jan 2014
This is one of my ad accounts – it shows monthly income from niche sites I built in 2008 which shamefully I haven’t even touched since. The key focus for ad income is traffic – in some niches you’ll walk it with just basic on page SEO with others you’ll need to do some work like: link building, social linking, Youtube videos, articles etc – NicheReaper will tell you exactly what you need to do to beat your competitors & get a Google Page 1 ranking.

What you make from ad revenues depends of course on picking the right keyword, your ability to build sites & your ability to drive traffic. NicheReaper shows you estimated Adsense revenues for each Google page 1 position so you’ll have a good idea of what the reward is when you’ve done the work!

A Few of My Domains Trades:

Matt Garrett Domain Trading Screenshot 2013
A typical niche site usually sells between $1000 – $2000 depending on it’s desirability &/or it’s monthly ad revenue. However you need to be quick as trending domains are snapped up!. Many NicheReaper users use our LIVE FEED feature to spot new opportunities . Being quick to spot & quick to act is the key.

If you like the idea of domain flipping then my advice would be to buy your domain, write a niche site, stick on some ads on it so it pays for itself & wait till the site gets some PR. Aged domains with good PR & related content fetch much higher premiums than parked sites. So it’s usually best to treat domains as investments rather than fast bucks.

I Use Many Niche Sites for List Building Which Gets Me on a Few Leader Boards:

Matt Garrett - Affiliate Leaderboard Screenshots 2012-2013

What’s often overlooked by niche marketers is lead capture. Where you find a niche that’s related to products you can sell simply add an opt-in & or an affiliate offer. This will help you grow your list & as everyone knows with a good list you can earn more affiliate income & win some cool JV prizes!

Automated Research Means More Time For Profitable Tasks

As you can see there are plenty of opportunities to make a very healthy passive income with niche marketing – it’s only limitation is time. With automated research you have more time to spend on profitable activities.

What’s New in NicheReaper 2.0?

50-60,000 New Keyword Trends Researched per Day

Only 5000+ Make Our Hot List

NicheReaper BOT Crawls Authority Sites for Keywords
NicheReaper BOT searches: Wikipedia Articles, Google News, Google Search, WordPress, Reddit & AOL Hot lists & uses a complex algorithm which identifies 50-60,000 possible keywords per day
Initial Pre-Check On All Found Keywords
NicheReaper engine pre-checks the 50-60,000 newly found keywords with SEMRUSH for quality – if the keyword doesn’t appear in paid search metrics it’s immediately discarded. 90% of keywords are eliminated here.
Keywords Validated by Search Volume & CPC Rate
Only keywords showing an initial search volume of 1000+ & a CPC rate of at least $0.25 are passed for further research – everything else is rejected. This leaves approximately 5000 pre-validated keywords for full research.
Full Paid Search on Qualified Keywords
Keywords are fully researched through SEMRUSH paid metrics to ensure data accuracy. Any new keyword variants discovered here are also added to our validated keyword list & researched.
Further Searches Made on Researched Keywords
NicheReaper then performs domain availability, Facebook vanity URL availability & checks the number of keyword related video listings in Google
Google Page 1 Competitor Research
NicheReaper engine researches all Google Page 1 competitors through Majestic SEO & Shared Count so users get all relevant social, SEO & backlink data.
All Data Over 60 Days Old is Deleted
To ensure data freshness all data over 60 days old is automatically deleted.

Everything is Done For You Without Cutting Corners

Thinking Up Keywords – Done Automatically
Our algorithm(see above) finds 50-60,000 Trending Keywords per day & pre-checks these with paid search sites to eliminate any keywords with less than 1000 searches & CPC rate of less than $0.25 – it identifies 5000+ new opportunities per day
Related Keyword Research – Done Automatically
NicheReaper 2 automatically finds related keywords with at least 1000+ monthly searches & CPC of at least $0,25 through paid search & LSI
Paid Traffic Research – Done Automatically
5000+ daily qualified keywords are automatically researched via SEMRUSH to get accurate traffic, CPC figures & adword competition data – we’ve paid for it so you don’t have to.
Competitor Research – Done Automatically
All Google page 1 competitors are researched automatically for backlinks, social signal & SEO factors – this is already done for every keyword arriving in our database

Our Competitors Charge $175-$500 per month
– We Want Their Business…

Our Cheapest Competitor Charges $175 & Delivers Much Less

The volume & quality of data delivered for the money in NicheReaper is currently unmatched by any other product even at our full selling price of $149. For a limited period only we

+2014 Members Will Get an Awesome Bonus!

From May 4th 2014 We’re Adding The Most Valuable Keywords NicheReaper 1.0 Found. The Elite 10% Keywords of the 7 Million Researched Keywords – The 700,000 Hottest Keywords

Our engine currently delivers approximately 150,000 keywords per month From May 4th 2014 we’ll increase the taps to 200,000 for 14 months & re-research 50,000 Extra Keywords from the Hot List to see what opportunities are available in some of the top niches. Superb value for all members.

“It’s a no brainer for any serious marketer…”

JP Schoeffel – SEO & Niche Marketing Expert
“Since the day I started working online, the #1 task I have not found a way to automate or make easy is the most critical one, the one everyone starts with… and the number one reason why 99% of niche marketers are failing!
I am talking about niche research & evaluation.
OK, there are already tons of so-called keyword research tools, and “12 month old” keyword database services but they are just plain useless and not worth a dime.
So basically, you are left alone to find valuable niches and “good” keywords. Not impossible, but a tedious task. Until today that is, when I started using NicheReaper. It’s like all of sudden all of the issues I mention above have magically vanished. 10 seconds after logging in NicheReaper pointed me to a great niche and a few keywords I could dominate quite easily. 2 minutes later I registered a domain for that niche and I was in the game to dominate this niche! NicheReaper has a complex algorithm to analyze the niches and keywords and only return the ones you can easily dominate, and it simply replaces ALL of the tools I was using (niche/keyword research, keyword analysis etc.) and it provides results that will allow ANYONE to take action almost instantly.
It’s a no-brainer for any serious niche marketer…”

” I would keep it for myself…”

Mike Johnson – SEO & Niche Marketing & Auto-blogging Expert
“I have been running the Auto Blog Blueprint Course for over a year and a half. In that time, I have found that one of the hardest things for beginners to do, for anyone really, is to find quality niches to build their blogs on.
In Affiliate Marketing, everyone is looking for the right niche to build a new site on, right? Here comes along Niche Reaper and I can tell you that it is the ultimate answer for finding what Niches to promote.
You don’t have to “look” and “research” any more. NicheReaper does it all for you. I have always promoted products like Market Samurai and Micro Niche Finder. The problem is, even though they let you do awesome research, you still have to “find” a niche to research in the first place. With NicheReaper, that is all over.
When Matt let me look inside the first thing I said to myself was Wow! This is the answer to all my Niche Finding problems for my Members. This is the first product I have seen in Internet Marketing that actually (and legitimately) finds high quality Niches that you can start making money with Instantly!
Great Work Guys!
I just can’t believe you are selling this! I would keep it for myself. Ha!”

“I don’t think I’ll ever be stuck for niche ideas again!…”

Richard Legg – Traffic & Affiliate Marketing Expert
“One of the most important parts of my business is research – the reason it’s so important is because, if you get it right, making money online is EASY … but get it wrong, and you’ll struggle to make anything. What I love about NicheReaper is that it takes the tedious, mind-numbing tasks involved in doing really good niche/keyword research and automates the entire process – leaving us more time to focus on building more sites and making more money.
This is a really solid service, and I know it’s based on techniques you use in your own marketing, so it’s not just another useless theory ‘e-book’.
NicheReaper is going to save anyone who uses it hours of time and frustration usually associated with the “old” way of doing research. I don’t think I’ll ever be stuck for niche ideas again! 🙂

“Would normally have to use multiple tools…”

Randy Smith – Professional Affiliate Marketer
“Hi Matt & Gary,
I’ve just had my tech guy sat next to me while we walked through ‘NicheReaper’ (You know I’m non techy…lol) Well – Even I could see the simplicity of having SO MUCH info in one place!
So from a technophobe point of view – it looks GREAT! That said – My techy was practically jumping up and down with excitement!
He tells me you have just created a tool that will not only save him several thousand dollars a year…BUT ALSO… Around FIVE HOURS in time for each keyword he would normally have to use multiple tools for! Very Impressive guys!
I’ll be recommending NicheReaper for anyone who uses keyword tools from here on in!
Warm Regards – Randy!”

“I used to spend about 3 days at a time…”

Adil Amarsi – Expert Niche Marketer
“I used to spend about 3 days at a time to get the right niche, good keywords, understand how many backlinks, search engine positions and how much content had to be written in order to get decent, if not great rankings. That’s 3 days which is worth a lot of money to me as well as those I care about.
What NicheReaper did was streamline everything so I knew what niche to go after, what products to make and which bonuses to get done. Not to mention the right article keywords and how much competition I had. It’s not just me though, I’ve had my top two business partners use NicheReaper and they’ve had very quick results.”

“freaking awesome…”

Erika L Rich & Adam Begley – Expert SEO & SMM Marketers
“This product is freaking awesome!
This is definitely a “must have” tool in the arsenal if you do any keyword research or internet marketing at all.
Great Job Matt & Gary!


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