Neall Concord – Cushing – Secrets of the Law of Vibration for Traders

Neall Concord - Cushing - Secrets of the Law of Vibration for Traders

Tutorial: Neall Concord – Cushing – Secrets of the Law of Vibration for Traders
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Learn the secrets of the esoteric traders, including W.D. Gann, who used the Law of Vibration to profitably trade and enjoy supreme success. The book is very specific in detailing how to use the Law of Vibration in trading and with W59 charts showing its elegance and simplicity. Purchasers of the book are invited to join the Secrets private forum.

Product Description
Secrets of the Law of Vibration for Traders
I have noticed over the years, someone comes up with a new way to trade, it is the latest and newest and no one else has it and it is a sure thing to be able to trade and make unlimited profits and now we can finally become the trader we have always wanted to be. But then it seems to slip into the cracks somehow and the next sure thing system comes by and it is the latest and newest and no one else has it and it is a sure thing….sound familiar?

Trading isn’t about getting someone else’s Holy Grail; it has to do with finding our own. I have spent years and years looking at great traders and great trading systems and great forecasting methods and on and on. At the end of each quest, I found what I was looking for and it worked or didn’t work and then I noticed I was off on another quest. Even the ones that worked I look back and realized I left it for the next better one, the newest and latest and the one that would end my quest and I’d realize my dream and live happily ever after.

So I decided to look closer. I noticed first from Gann and then others that in their quest they had a similar thread, a similar method for realizing their success. I hadn’t considered it as fully because I was considering the specific trading and forecasting systems. What they had found was the method underneath the specific ones; the foundational platform these others were being realized in. Then it occurred to me, this was the innate creation process found in Nature and in men who were considered masters in their field of pursuit. Masters who became legends by magically creating what others couldn’t

Gann called it the Law of Vibration, others used different names but it was the same. It was an incredibly accurate way of knowing what anything was going to do and become. It was a look into the future of what was going to be. Each of these men found their unique connection to the external, to know how time and space was positioned to their personal reference point and then they saw clearly the unfolding nature of vibrational energy in form, in time/space and what we call reality, this world. So I wrote a book about it, first for me to understand and get it, then to give it back for others to see and complete the cyclic nature of what had come.

This is incredibly simple yet I wrote over 300 pages. It is easy to see for those who will look, who will open to another way. The old way works, we use it everyday, but to be a master of something, we must walk the path of a master. To trade as a master isn’t finding the next Holy Grail; it is becoming a master trader, one who commands the vision of the past, present and FUTURE. The Law of Vibration is how Nature works, it is how we realize desire, it is how we get what we want.

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