Mr. X – Money Making Secrets

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Mr. X – Money Making Secrets

Mr. X – Money Making Secrets

COST: $29.95
Author: Mr. X
Size: 17,2 MB

The correct title is the “Money-Making Secrets of Marketing Genius Jay Abraham and Other Marketing Wizards” but generally it’s known as the Mr X book. (See sales letter.)

It is for anyone who has a business but believes that there are hidden opportunities in the business that could have a big impact on profit, if only you knew how to recognise the opportunities and then to exploit them.

This is what Jay Abraham is all about – finding profitable opportunities and exploiting them. To give you a better flavour I recommend that you watch this Jay Abraham video.

He is the master and has earned a fortune for himself and an incredible amount of money for his clients – it was over $5 billion when they stopped counting. The numbers just got so big that the extra few billion didn’t make any difference.

The origins of the book are controversial – see my article for the story of the Mr X book.

Jay much prefers to work with established companies than start-ups because he knows that this is where the high value leverage is – in areas that you have but where you are not making the most of them.

You know I am a massive Jay Abraham fan, the book is brilliant but I haven’t given it five stars.

Let me explain why:

The pricing – for a book, Mr X is very expensive.

Remember that this is Jay Abraham, one of the top marketing consultants in the world and he knows how to price and that’s on value – and used properly the value is extremely high.

As a book that you read and then take no actions it is expensive.

But what would you be prepared to pay to transform the marketing of your business in a way that finds opportunities and turns them into streams of cash year after year? We’re now talking big numbers aren’t we?

On that basis and provided you put the lessons into action, the Mr X book is an absolute bargain.

It is an e-book.

I like e-books.

I am able to carry them around on my laptop, they don’t take any space on my office shelves, I can print off just the pages I want to read again. But the better the book, the more I want the feel of a proper book. My main copy of the Mr X book, with the key text underlined in red, is in a lever arch file and it’s just not the same.

The upside is that there is no guilty feeling about getting your highlighting pen or red pen out and defacing a pristine book. You want a nice clean copy, just print it again.

The presentation is poor.

Jay boasts that the Mr X book is dense and it is. There is a shortage of white space that would make it easier to read and it would be good to see some pictures or diagrams to break up the text.

Fortunately it is well organised into standalone chapters with plenty of sub-headings and with a clear demarcation of Jay’s words (and the other experts) and Mr X’s interpretations.
In the context of the high value of the content of the Mr X book, these moans are minor but they do cause the Mr X book to lose my ultimate rating of 5 stars that is an unconditional recommendation to buy.

I have no intention of trying to mislead you. If you judge a book by its cover, then this one isn’t up to standard.

But enough of the warnings.

The Mr X book itself is brilliant and it is the great summary of Jay Abraham’s methods that the sales letter promises.

It is so much more extensive than Jay’s conventional book “Getting Everything You Can From All You’ve Got” that I did award my rare 5 star accolade.

Because the book does cost a lot I am going to write what is probably my longest review (in the past or future).

I think that’s it’s only fair that I give you a good understanding of what the book covers before you consider spending the kind of cash that would buy 20 or 30 ordinary marketing books.

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