Money Attraction Bootcamp – Greg Habstritt

Money Attraction Bootcamp - Greg Habstritt

Money Attraction Bootcamp – Greg Habstritt

Money Attraction Bootcamp – Greg Habstritt ( Eben Pagan recommends )
What If Money Were No Longer A Limitation In Your Life?

With this exclusive and simple system, finally you CAN discover the success principles, beliefs, personal behaviors and thinking that allow the wealthy few to attract money and create massive results both financially and personally in record time. And once you have the system, all you have to do is follow the steps to attract money, wealth and prosperity into your life! I’ve Got Some Bad News For You…
Believe it or not, you are “hard-wired” to fail with money.
That’s right. By default, human beings are NOT given the right mindset or tools to be successful with money. The way we naturally think and feel actually works against us when it comes to being successful with money.
The reason that most people are not successful when it comes to money is because they have the wrong mindset and psychology to begin with! Then, on top of that, most of us never get any kind of “real” education about what money is or how it works.
Think about it – how much “money training” did you get when you were in school?
Likely none .. so how can you expect to be successful with money when you’ve been taught the wrong things, and never learned the truth about it?
This lack of money knowledge also explains the high failure rates of businesses – if you don’t know how to create value and attract money, your business has no chance of success.
Mastering the language and understanding of money is very important, because it’s truly the measure of whether you are creating value for others.
ITEM #2 -> Joint Venture Power Techniques Manual (PDF)
You’ll receive the Joint Venture Power Techniques manual (digital edition), providing you with a detailed view into the psychology and steps involved in creating successful, win/win partnerships with investors.
Imagine getting people to say “yes” to your terms, and knowing exactly how to make sure the agreement is structured properly!
Greg Habstritt
Who is Greg Habstritt?
As the Founder of SimpleWealth, Greg Habstritt has more than 20 years successful entrepreneurial experience in a number of industries ranging from telecommunications, information technology, event marketing, education and broadcasting. Throughout his business career, Greg has founded, built and sold more than 20 companies and received number of citations and awards for his entrepreneurial spirit and success, including Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Canada in 2000. In addition, he has been featured in several media including Inc. Magazine and the National Post. He was recently nominated to Canada’s “Top 40 Under 40 List” for 2009.

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