Mike & Robin Pisciotta – List Building Machine

Mike & Robin Pisciotta - List Building Machine

Mike & Robin Pisciotta - List Building Machine

Mike & Robin Pisciotta – List Building Machine

We’re about to show you some stuff that… when we put it to action… our business went from “pretty good” to absolutely freakin’ amazing… going from selling trash on Craigslist … to making over $100,000 in LESS THAN a year out of the gate of being coaches and consultants, with a brand new website.

It’s deep stuff, and also much easier than you think and … this is the exact same info we share with private coaching clients (who pay us more than $10,000/year) and it’s the same info we use to review other people’s existing marketing systems ($1,000 minimum to review).
This training is geared to show you exactly what you need to know to create a complete ‘List Building Machine’ from start to finish. We leave nothing out. Period! NO FLUFF!!

Module 1 – Lead Magnet

Blueprint for creating the perfect lead magnet people drool over, every time
How to ensure your lead magnet leads to SALES and money in your pocket
Suggestions & ideas for every industry (and the one thing you NEVER want to use as your lead magnet)
6 purposes of your lead magnet (and ‘getting leads’ is only one of them)
Fool-Proof ‘checks & balances’ so it’s impossible to get this wrong

Module 2 – Landing Pages

What type of landing page you need (yes, there’s more than one type)
Paint-by-numbers formulas to knock your copywriting out of the park
In-depth ‘Conversion Centered Design’ techniques (these play a critical role to increase conversions, without them you’re screwed)
Turbocharge your results by harnessing the power of human psychology (this one thing alone will give you a distinct advantage in your marketplace)
Easy-to-follow action steps, examples and screenshots so you’re not left in the dark.

Module 3 – Tons-O-Traffic

Copy Strategy: 6 things your copy must convey (and we’ll even show you and easy way to get your copy to ‘write itself’)
Scent Strategy: 3 vital areas where your entire campaign must have congruency (you mess this part up, you miss the whole point)
Image Strategy: Choosing the right image can easily increase your conversions by 15-30%
The #1 must-have type of image to have in your arsenal that has more trustworthiness, relatability and gets more clicks
How to target – 8 best ways to target your FB ads (and which ones to use if you’re new, which ones to use if you’re a pro already)
The big secret weapon to find out everything about what your target market likes, does, buys, reads, etc.
How to make sure you are targeting people that are ‘known buyers’
Getting Facebook to do all the work for you – and automatically create a custom audience that’s your perfect match
How to bid and set your budgets for maximum action (for the big guys OR little guys)
Action Steps, Walk-Thru Videos for all the technical How-Tos, Case Studies & Examples

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