Mike Johnson – Autoblog Blueprint 3.0

Mike Johnson - Autoblog Blueprint 3.0

Mike Johnson – Autoblog Blueprint 3.0

The ABB 3.0 Delivers With:
* A Complete Step by Step Strategy Guide on How to Research, Create, Build, and Profit Fast!
* Over 40 Detailed Videos that Will Walk You through the Process!
* Built for Google 2011: The Most Intense SEO Plan of Action for Blogging Ever Developed!
* How to Get Your Blogs Indexed in Minutes and Get Ranked Fast!
* Success Templates that Will Show You How I Make Over $40,000 per Month with the Same System!
* An Auto Installer Pre-Configured for Success! So Simple Beginners are Using it Right Now to Profit!

What is the Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0?
The Auto Blog Blueprint was originally released in November 2009 and it sold like crazy. It was purely a Word of Mouth product that grew through Reviews and Recommendations all over the Web. A product that wasn’t just an eBook, but a full fledged Training Course on How to Make Money Online with Auto Blogs. As the year progressed Google changed, new plugins and software were released, and the Auto Blog Blueprint evolved as well.

In June 2010, the Auto Blog Blueprint 2.0 was released and the Membership grew as well, adding over 3000 new members and the Reviews and Recommendations continued to pile in. The Auto Blog Blueprint 2.0 or ABB as we like to call it, continued to evolve and change to make things better and more profitable for Members.

Then all of a sudden the copy cats started pooring in. Auto Blog products were being released like crazy and the irony was that they were all trying to emulate the Auto Blog Blueprint. The problem was, they couldn’t afford to outright copy what has been the most profitable Auto Blogging Program on the Web. Plus, the problem with these other programs has been that they were created by Marketers who, while they will tell you they are Auto Blogging Experts, the reality is that they are Marketers who use other people to help them create their products and they strictly “Manage” their programs and continue to watch the web and “other” products for the latest and greatest techniques in Auto Blogging.

AutoBlogging in 2011
Now here we are in 2011. The Web is changing radically and so are Google and the other top search engines Yahoo and Bing (who are combining into one entity this year). So now, after hundreds of hours of research and the continued evolution of over 130 Auto Blogs, I am releasing the Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0, which will take these current changes and morph them into even more Profits for those who want to take the ABB 3.0 Challenge!

Google and the other Search Engines are looking to stomp out Spam and Junk Duplicate Content sites. If you are already an Auto Blog Blueprint Member, you know that the ABB is not about creating Junk.

The ABB 3.0 Will Not Show You How To:
* Create 1000 Page or More Spam Blogs
* Create Junk Blogs with One Category
* Create Sites Using Single Source EzineArticles, ArticlesBase, or other Article Directories for Posts
* Create Sites as pure Amazon or Ebay Article Sites
* Create Quicky Blogs to Flip on Flippa

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