MECLABS – Value Proposition Development Certification Course

The most efficient way to grow your sales is by converting more of the prospects you already have in your pipeline. In most cases, businesses don’t dominant market segments because they have superior products or services, but because they know how to clearly communicate an effective value proposition to the appropriate customer segments at the right times.

TUTORIAL:MECLABS – Value Proposition Development Certification Course

During the course you’ll learn proven techniques you can immediately implement, including:
How to identify and articulate a value proposition as well as its three derivatives
How to adjust the four elements of force to maximize the impact and effectiveness of your value proposition on a prospect
How to infuse your value proposition into all of your marketing collateral for continuity and congruency

Course Content
This course is designed for you to use at the speed that works best for you. The times listed below indicate the length of the actual recorded material, but do not necessarily represent the total amount of time needed to complete the certification courses. To take full advantage of the concepts presented, you may find it necessary to pause, take notes, and re-watch sections.
The course will conclude with an untimed, 45 question exam. Most students will complete the exam in less than one hour.

Session 1 – What is a Value Proposition?
Instructor: Dr. Flint McGlaughlin
Duration: 1 hour, 3 minutes
You will learn:
A brief historical overview of the term value proposition
A simplified and clear definition of the term value proposition
The essential role that a value proposition plays within an organization
How to identify three essential derivative value propositions

Session 2 – What Determines the Force of a Value Proposition?
Instructor: Dr. Flint McGlaughlin
Duration: 58 minutes
You will learn:
How prospects/customers relate to a value proposition
The four key factors that impact the force of a value proposition
How to identify and measure a strong (or weak) value proposition
How to increase the force of a value proposition

Session 3 – How to Craft Your Value Proposition
Instructor: Austin McCraw
Duration: 34 minutes
You will learn:
What a strong value proposition statement looks like
The 10 steps that MECLABS researchers take when crafting a value proposition
How to simplify and organize the value proposition of a complex organization
How to identify the most effective wording in a value proposition statement

Session 4 – How to Apply Your Value Proposition
Instructor: Dr. Flint McGlaughlin
Duration: 48 minutes
You will learn:
10+ scientifically validated case studies on the expression of value proposition
What a value proposition looks like when communicated in marketing collateral
How to express the value proposition all the elements (images, copy, headlines, etc.) of a webpage
How to ensure the value proposition is expressed in every step of a conversion process


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