Matthew Social Media Elite Social Media Training For Chiropractors

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  Matthew Social Media Elite Social Media Training For Chiropractors

Matthew Social Media Elite Social Media Training For Chiropractors

Are you feeling the “economic crunch” because people are not responding to your traditional outdated marketing like they used to?

Have you ever wondered how to easily get NEW PATIENTS and create Multiple Sources of Income (MSI’s) from online social networks and media like Facebook, YouTube, Myspace, LinkedIn and Twitter?

Lastly, if I could show you a simple, inexpensive way to make an extra $10,000 / Month in passive income, get loads of New Patients (NP’s), and rapidly blanket and DOMINATE the 1st page Google ….. ALL from online marketing, would that be of interest to you?

If I’ve captured your attention, please keep reading……

My name is Dr. Matthew Loop and I’m well-known in the Chiropractic profession as the author and creator of a proven boot-camp that shows other DC’s like yourself how to get New Patients online WITHOUT spending any money on advertising! I am the first and ONLY consultant to develop a systematic blueprint that teaches chiropractors how to leverage FREE Social Media Networks like the above mentioned, while using massively effective insider Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to own Google and leave your competition in the dust. The result being able to live the life you’ve always imagined while working smarter, not harder!

I created this widely acclaimed training course almost 4 years ago and update it regularly. Reason being, I had this overwhelming desire to help other suffering chiropractors get NP’s (along with creating multiple sources of income) like I had done by harnessing the “new” internet marketing powerhouse. Just like then, and especially in 2010, it’s quickly sweeping the globe and has permanently altered the way we communicate!

Again, these are Time-Tested STRATEGIES for generating New Patients and almost AUTOMATIC income on the webs most influential, and rapidly growing social networks and Web 2.0 platforms! I specialize in helping Chiropractors and other business owners explode their practices by using the FREE social media sites, video marketing, mind-blowing SEO, and cutting-edge internet marketing!

Before you read any further, I warmly invite you to watch this shocking video you’re competitors would rather you not see! Learn the insider secrets that are waking-up Chiropractors and other business owners throughout the world..

Myspace Chiropractic Marketing Secrets – Free videos are just a click away

If you can read, write, and reason at an 8th grade level, you can collect more money in A FEW DAYS (or bring loads of New Patients in every month) with what I’m about to show you, than most Chiropractors and online marketers make in a month!

For those looking to Generate Additional Sources of Income from the Internet… This short video is a MUST SEE!!! Learn how I made an extra $5,000 in one month with ONLY a single video….. By the way, I show you PROOF 5 min and 40 sec into this incredible video!

How to Make Money Online with YouTube – Click here for the most popular videos

Facebook and Myspace together boast over well over 605 MILLION registered users and YouTube has in excess of 300 MILLION, and each get billions of page views everyday. With that kind of exposure it should come as no surprise that large successful corporations such as Nike shoes, and the Ford Motor Company have profiles on these social networking giants.

What do they Know that you Don’t?

The very structure of Facebook, YouTube, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media wesites lend themselves PERFECTLY to marketing and they’re FREE to use!

Marketing on the websites mentioned abover can easily give ANYBODY, no matter how new you are to chiropractic internet marketing the most extreme viral edge to not only crank out practice profits like your robbin’ the bank, but also stay miles ahead of your competition!

In no other place on the web can you so easily, and in so little time, reach so many targeted viewers.

I have been on the previously mentioned social networks for several years now. I spent the better part of that initial year experimenting with, and developing the EXACT SAME viral practice building tactics that I am about to reveal for the first time ever.

Why do I Share my Secrets?

When I first joined YouTube, Myspace, and Facebook I started searching for information on how to REALLY harness the power of this phenomenon toward my Chiropractic practice. What I found was that NONE of the so called “consultants” knew anything about this stuff!

“That’s when I decided to create the ULTIMATE Chiropractic Marketing Blueprint for Web 2.0, Social Media, Online Video, and SEO…”

Unlike some of the “other” marketing programs I’m sure you’ve read about, this is a no BS, no filler COMPLETE marketing strategy to FINALLY bring in the kind of New Patients, collections, and multiple sources of income you’ve been searching for!

(hint: I will reveal some of the most insanely viral, and extremely easy methods of exploding your practice and collections, all on a shoestring budget!)

Short and sweet, that’s the way I like it! I won’t bore you with long drawn out descriptions of garbage you could have learned in 2 sentences just to make myself sound more informed, I give it to you the way you want it, with none of what you don’t!

Other practice management groups would have you believe it takes a LONG time to build a business (free standing or internet), but I’m here to tell you that you could start bringing massive amount of potential New Patients to your website MOMENTS from now and seeing them walk through the door in a few hours!

Without spending time struggling for internet search engine rankings!

Without wasting countless hours doing screenings, writing blogs and articles for precious back-links!

Without buying EXPENSIVE postcard or newspaper ads, google adword ads, or paying for banner placement

Without wasting time trying to build ads and web sites that sell people!

Without relying on link exchanges only to get crappy, unresponsive links to your site

The so called practice management “guru’s” have been shoving down your throat their tired, and worn out marketing techniques for years, and where has it gotten you?

But there IS a better way, and I’m going to show you the most phenomenal, insanely viral, and quite possibly easiest way to double your practice and income, by harnessing the power of Myspace, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with insider SEO!

This is NOT just any ordinary Chiropractic Internet Marketing program, not by a Long-shot!

I’m not going to leave you hanging with only a PART of the information you need to get started, like the other Johnny-Come-Lately guys. I’m going to show you a COMPLETE marketing system you can use on, and off Facebook, YouTube, Myspace, Twitter and other Web 2.0 networks to sky-rocket your practice and income in the shortest amount of time possible!

In my incredible Video Training series “Boot-Camp,” I will hold your hand, and walk you through every step of the way, and by the time your done reading this, you will KNOW how easy it is to substantially increase your collections, residual income, and how YOU can start bringing people through your door almost IMMEDIATELY!

This is the only RISK-FREE, GUARANTEED program that would, under normal circumstances, take you 8-12 months of hard studying every day and about $20,000 in Internet Marketing seminars to learn on your own. I’m so confident in my system that I put my money where my mouth is (see the money-back guarantee below)

In fact, your not only going to see what I do, I’m going to show you how YOU can implement every tactic you’re going to see, with an incredible viral, and totally unique marketing technique you won’t find anywhere else!!

Learn how YOU can turn YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace into your own money generating MACHINE for any business or venture!

Simply the easiest, fastest, and most effective marketing system ever to hit Twitter, Facebook and video marketing!

Learn how to build a laser-targeted friends list, and how to build yourself as the EXPERT and go-to chiropractor in your community!

Learn the simple profile tweaks that could double your website traffic!

Find out why 99% of people trying to break into chiropractic internet marketing fail, and why YOU don’t have to!

Learn how to leverage the social psychology of Myspace, YouTube and Facebook to YOUR advantage!

And much, much more !!

Within My Elite Web 2.0 Boot-Camp, You Get Access to 42 “How-to” Training Videos Including…

Within My Elite Web 2.0 Boot-Camp, You Get Access to 42 “How-to” Training Videos Including…

Facebook, Twitter, & Myspace Marketing:

How to Create “Jaw-Dropping” Profiles that Set you Apart

How to Build Yourself as a Credible Expert within your
Community or niche

How to Get Loads of New Patients each Month

The Newest Cutting-Edge Strategies and Tactics for indirect
Marketing on Social Networks

How to build a targeted friends Quickly without Spending
all Day at the Computer

How to use Blogs / Forums to Catapult your Online Presence

HTML and Coding Basics to Make your Profile and Content look Professional
Basic YouTube Video Creation:

How to Create Easy Videos and Upload Them to Youtube
How to Create Effective Slide Shows
How to Use Different Kinds of Editing Software

Screen Capture Software:

How to Use Screen Capture Software for FREE
How to Edit Using Camtasia
How to Create Effective Screen Capture Videos that Pull Tons of FREE Hot Laser Targeted Traffic

Marketing You:

How to Sell Yourself
How to Develop Your Presence On Youtube
How to Own Your Greatness
How to Eliminate Being Camera Shy

Researching Keywords:

How to Find the Keywords to Get High Google rankings
How to Specifically Target Keywords for Much Higher Conversions
Top Secret Keyword Tool for Finding the Most Searched Keywords in Your Niche

How to Piggy Back on High Traffic Vids:

How to Steal Traffic from Your Competition
How to Get Truck Loads of FREE Traffic from Current Events, Celebrities, and Popular Videos

Youtube Tactics & Tricks

How to Create a Custom Picture for Your Videos for Higher Click Through
How to Post a Video Box in the Center of Your Myspace
How to Create Interactive Videos for Better Response

Secret Cutting-Edge Software

How to Upload 1 Video to Over 60 Different Video Sharing Sites, Bookmarking Sites, Podcasts, and Blogs in less than 1 Minute
How to Dominate the Competition or Any Niche Using Uploading Strategies
How to Get More Friends and Subscribers on Auto-Pilot to your Myspace and Youtube Profiles

Promoting Affiliate Products With YouTube:

How to Successfully Use Clickbank
How to Become a Youtube Partner and Get Paid from Youtube
FREE 30 Minute Consultation to Find the Right Business that Makes You the Most Money

Opt-in List Building:

How To Build Your List By Offering Free Videos
Using Video To Build A Personal Relationship With Your Subscribers

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