Matt Clark’s- Amazon Money Machine

Matt Clark's- Amazon Money Machine

Tutorials: Matt Clark’s- Amazon Money Machine  

This is re-uploaded and I added up to date coaching calls. Original nuked. Forgot and had zip files. This is a very interesting course about running a business on amazon. It’s NOT about making money as an affiliate on amazon and earning only 5% per sale, and although it does include very good information about making money from kindle books, this is only a small fraction of the course.
The course is by a guy called Matt Clark, who is not a well known internet marketer, but instead just someone who has been very successful at running his business on amazon.
There has been so much rubbish released recently about amazon (particularly in regards to kindle), and it’s very refreshing to see something with substance.
Before anyone asks. The software is currently not shareable. So it is not included at this time. I’m working on seeing if we can get it to be shareable and will upload it if we can. The software is nice, but not necessary to use this course. It only automates what he did for years manually. The true gold is in the course itself.
Also there are more coaching calls and other stuff to come.

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