Mark Ling – Affilorama 2010

Mark Ling - Affilorama 2010

Mark Ling – Affilorama 2010

Who is Mark Ling?
There are very few true super affiliates in the world, but Mark Ling definitely fits into this category. He started his online career back in 1999, and while he hasn’t always been the best in the business, his unique approach and ingenious marketing strategies helped him become one of the leading innovators in the global affiliate economy.

In the Beginning

Mark Ling’s career began in 1999, after a discussion he had with his good friend Charlie during a squash tournament about his plan to sell posters online. At that time, internet marketing was still in its infancy and you rarely heard about anyone making millions a year like you do today. Mark and Charlie realized that there was some money to be made, however, and the two created a simple Geocities site that would send people to a poster-selling site.


With just a simple banner link to the poster site, Charlie was able to make $50 a week. It didn’t take Mark Ling long to decide to get in on this. With Charlie focused entirely on sports posters, Mark decided to sell celebrity posters from across the world instead. The first step was to create a small handful of these sites, which generated a modest profit.

It didn’t take long to learn how to build the sites more quickly and how to find a larger target audience for the ads, and before he even realized it, his $50 a month income had quickly tripled and then kept on growing. He gave up his pizza delivery job so he could focus everything he had on a business that was expanding faster than he had ever thought possible, and even hired a few friends to help him keep things going.

Soon, they were able to rent a house where they could set up several old 486 computers; in between classes, they would build new websites, and quickly mastered search engine listings to draw more traffic to those sites. Their success rate in this growing arena was unparalleled and Mark Ling was the man at the top.

Today’s Ventures

Mark Ling is no longer focused exclusively on posters – with the skills he learned in those early days, he now operates dozens of affiliate sites that cover such wide ranging topics as learning foreign languages, saving your marriage, training the dog and even video games. Mark has stayed on top of all the developments in affiliate marketing through the years, and has been quick to take advantage of such events as the introduction of AdWords in 2003 and the appearance of YouTube and other social media in 2005.

While Mark still spends much of his time developing affiliate marketing sites, he has also decided to spend time helping aspiring affiliate marketers by sharing the secrets of his success. In 2008, he launched AffiloBlueprint,a membership product that includes 12 unique weekly guides that are designed to help marketers develop a long term marketing strategy. This was soon followed by Affilorama, which contains his personal blog posts and free tools for marketers, as well as a database of webinars, teleseminars and presentations that he has put together.

There’s even a free download available, Traffic Travis, which is a great SEO and PPC research tool for both beginners and long-term affiliates, as well as a premium version for power players. Mark Ling has been traveling around the world, offering advice and tips during live seminars and presentations and sharing the knowledge that he has gathered during his years as an affiliate marketer.

As Mark explains, though his business now includes affiliate training as well as product creation and consulting, the heart of his company is still devoted to affiliate marketing websites and marketing lists. While many internet marketing experts have shifted their focus towards the IM environment, Mark still prefers to keep his focus on the affiliate marketing field and only a small portion of his business is spent on IM. Today, Mark lives in Christchurch, New Zealand with his wife and young son.
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