Make Your Miracles with Allyson Chavez 2014

Brian Tracy – Sales Growth Strategies 2014

Make Your Miracles with Allyson Chavez 2014

Make Your Miracles with Allyson Chavez 2014


Make Your Miracles
Experts Share the Joy and Simplicity of Creating Miracles

Are You Waiting for a Miracle?

Discover How Easy it can be to Make Your Own!

Join me and 20 plus Miracle Making Experts

for these FREE 30 minute interviews.

Did you know that YOU have the ability to create your OWN miracles in your own life? You’ll learn that it’s easier than you think when you join me for my FREE telesummit.

I’ve gathered top experts in various fields and asked them to share their experiences and creative ideas on how to find and create miracles in your daily life. These interviews are filled with valuable and relevant content that you can use immediately.

This is typical of what you’ll get when you join us.

• 30-minute interviews with Miracle Making Experts

• Amazing stories, creative tips, and and shockingly simple techniques
to making miracles appear

• Valuable FREE gifts from every expert

Meet the Make Your Miracles Experts

Christopher Tims
The Miracle of the Moment
Christopher Tims is masterful at taking common, everyday admonitions–like not taking things personally–and turning them inside out and spinning them on their head! His take on miracles is so different, but makes such perfect sense you wonder why you didn’t see it his way all along!
In today’s interview, Christopher shares:
• the miracle of the moment
• how we show up inside literally creates our outside
• why it’s important and necessary to take everything personally

Kyle Johnson
One Little Shift in Perspective Opens the Doors to Miracles
Kyle Johnson is an inspiration to anyone who listens to him. His story is truly miraculous. He is living proof of the power of the human spirit!
In today’s interview, Kyle shares:
• his own “terrific, horrific” long boarding accident that left him in a coma for 3 1/2 weeks, and resulted him relearning how to
walk, talk, read, write, and everything else in between
• how close we really are to miracles
• the importance of acknowledging doubt and fear, but doing it anyway
• how one little shift in perspective opens the doors to miracles

Debra Poneman
Living in The Miracle Zone
Debra Poneman is a massive success and yet is so down to earth and friendly it feels like you’re talking with your favorite neighbor. I loved her fast and fun tips you can do in minutes to open up to miracles, too!
In today’s interview, Debra shares:
• what it’s like living in The Miracle Zone
• why you can’t create miracles
• how to put yourself in the right energy to receive miracles

Devani Freeman
How to Tap into Business Miracles
Devani Freeman is a breath of fresh air when you feel like you’re drowning in social media! She is so much fun to talk to and takes the mystery and confusion out of starting up your own business. Find out how to get your own high-five from the universe.
In today’s interview, Devani shares:
• the miracles Devani found when she hit bottom
• the simple, 5 minute process she uses to receive miracles
• how to tap into business miracles–even if you’re just getting started

Marci Lock
How to End Sabotage for Good
Marci Lock is an absolute inspiration. Her energy is so fast and so fun, and she stands firm in the conviction that you have the ability to create miracles in your life and in your body by changing your belief around it. She is the beautiful, living truth of that!
In today’s interview, Marci shares:
• the miracle of the mind to create your rockin’ body of health
• the difference between “get to” and “have to”
• how to end sabotage for good
• plus, she shares a mirror exercise that has the power to transform you forever!

Daniel Gutierrez
The 3 Things That Keep us Out of Alignment From Our Miracles
I love Daniel’s down-to-earth, approachable nature. With his authenticity and honesty, you know that if he can achieve great things, so can you!
In today’s interview, Daniel shares:
• the 3 things that keep us out of alignment from our miracles
• are miracles as prevalent as pennies? He’ll show you!
• the age cut-off to receiving miracles

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