– Pitching Projects and Products to Executives – Pitching Projects and Products to Executives – Pitching Projects and Products to Executives

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In Pitching Projects and Products to Executives, author Dane Howard interviews executives and product managers from renowned design firms and corporations like Google, Apple, and Adobe, who share their insider take on how to effectively move projects and product ideas forward. Video and multimedia producer Richard Koci Hernandez weaves the interviews together into a captivating visual narrative. The soft skills course shows the practical techniques, processes, and communication styles employed to sell to executives more effectively, and to bring ideas to life.Topics include:

>Getting and incorporating feedback before the pitch
>Creating a list of key stakeholders
>Deciding on the format of the meeting
>Effective prototyping
>Providing an intimate setting
>Being succinct and staying on-track
>Making the presentation
>Closing the deal

Pitching Projects and Products to Executives: 36m 18s
Preparing for a pitch: 3m 8s
Learning what executives want: 3m 4s
Socializing an idea: 4m 38s
Dealing with naysayers: 4m 20s
Prototyping effectively: 5m 17s
Creating the right environment: 2m 40s
Pitching effectively: 4m 50s
Learning from your mistakes: 2m 17s
Closing the deal: 2m 41s
Passion: 3m 23s
Bonus Material: 5m 19s
Teasers: 5m 19s

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