LinkedIn Blueprint: 500+ Connections and Become an Influencer

LinkedIn Blueprint: 500+ Connections and Become an Influencer

LinkedIn Blueprint: 500+ Connections and Become an Influencer

LinkedIn Blueprint: 500+ Connections and Become an Influencer

Course Description

Over 2,000 happy students and 60+ five star reviews on Udemy.

Named one of the Top Instructors on Udemy. More exciting content to come in the near future!

Have you considered the fact that LinkedIn is more than just an online CV?

Do you want to pursue the opportunities it offers and get the job you wanted, obtain a promotion faster or spread your influence within your company?

Or maybe you want to solidify your reputation as an entrepreneur or professional in the online world…

Double your Visibility Guarantee

I personally guarantee you will get measurable results if you implement the concepts I talk about. I’m so confident that I will personally guarantee you will see a spike in your visibility on LinkedIn after taking this course. That is the basis to increasing your connections, networking with executives and positioning yourself as an influencer.

If you feel that’s not the case, I will PERSONALLY TRAIN YOU via:

– 1 to 1 Skype Calls to suggest changes to your Profile

– Tailored Strategy & Templates to approach Influencers in your Industry

– Advice on Publishing topics for the future

Shortly after launching the course, a student contacted me saying that he got approached by a recruiter a few days after implementing 10% of the aspects I talk about in this course. Imagine if you did 70% and were dedicated to improving your LinkedIn presence…

Here’s what some students say about my course:

“As a fellow Udemy instructor with 5 bestselling courses I know how much commitment it takes to publish a comprehensive Udemy course. This production is certainly one of the best in the Social Media category.

Dragos is my good friend and I could see firsthand how much effort he put into delivering tremendous value to his students. I’m happy to see that all those weeks of hard work paid off and customers are loving the content.

Great job.” – Jimmy Naraine – Top Udemy Instructor

“Respect. I have to say you put a good course together. I’m already thinking about implementing some of these tactics and getting material to tell a group social media marketers that I work with.

My all-time favorite is being able to extract emails from LinkedIn. You would never know that otherwise – well put together Dragos. Keep the quality coming.” – Jim Jones

This course will reveal exactly how you can achieve all of these:

  • Get over the 500+ Connection base mark in half the time
  • Increase your Profile views x3 with only a few hours of work
  • Create and nurture your own niche community, skyrocket your profile searchability both in LinkedIn and Google results
  • Publish like Influencers and establish yourself as an expert in your subject matter.

This course will teach you how to develop your personal online brand through a strategic approach that aims to help you achieve the maximum progress in the shortest possible time. Whether it’s how to set up your profile or how to network like an Influencer, this course will show you the techniques to achieve success.

Gain access to 3+ hours of high quality videos which will keep you engaged and hungry to progress. I will update the lectures regularly to be in line with LinkedIn changes and constantly add Bonus material. What’s more, you also get PDFs with case studies and real-life examples of how Influencers enhance their presence.

Take this course Now!

I have experienced the power that LinkedIn can have and I truly believe it can benefit you tremendously. I’m excited to share my knowledge with you and lead you on the path to success!

Full details

What are the requirements?

  • An email address
  • A LinkedIn account

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 40 lectures and 3 hours of content!
  • Create a Superstar LinkedIn Profile and Double your Profile Views
  • Network with Entrepreneurs, Senior Management and Executives
  • Increase your Job Opportunities & Get Approached by Recruiters
  • Surpass the 500+ Connection mark through clever approaches & higher visibility
  • Promote yourself Online with 0 effort using Secret Offline Techniques
  • Halve the time & effort you spend on Social Media by using intuitive 3rd party tools
  • Use Publishing & Groups to position yourself as a Subject Matter Expert in your Industry

What is the target audience?

  • Professionals, Students, Entrepreneurs. Anybody that can benefit from the Professional nature of LinkedIn
  • Only take this course if you are committed to taking action & want to achieve measurable results


Section 1: Introduction
Introduction to the course
Do This First: Connect with me on Social Media!
1 page
Your Challenge
Your Challenge List
1 page
Section 2: Creating a Superstar Profile
What everyone should know about their contact details
How To – Profile Basics Tips
Why the right profile photo will boost your visibility
Cover Photos that Engage with your Audience
2 pages
How to get prospects to view your profile in 120 characters
The secrets to organising your connections
How to – Organising your connections
The Importance of Education and Work Experience
Why Skills and Endorsements matter
5 Simple actions for Instant results
The 7 principles to write a Magnetic Summary
3 Amazing Summaries on Linkedin
3 pages
How to promote your profile Offline with Zero effort
7 Steps to embed your LinkedIn button in your email signature
1 page
Who else wants Great recommendations?
Use rich media to make your profile three-dimensional
Section 3: The art of Connecting
How to Be Yourself and write Exciting invites
Connect with the most connected
Bonus – The LinkedIn App that everyone should be using
How To – Keep in Touch
Measure your Pulse
How To – LinkedIn Pulse
Bonus – Effortlessly Network with People Nearby
Bonus – Twitter & LinkedIn
Section 4: Analytics & 3rd party tools
LinkedIn metrics that help track progress
Manage your social media activity in Half the time
Bonus – Measure your Social Media impact
How To – Hootsuite & Buffer
Section 5: Become an Influencer
Everything you need to know about Publishing
3 Viral Published articles on LinkedIn
12 pages
The 6 step formula for Viral publishing
The power of Convening
The secrets to choosing the Right Groups
Create a Group you can be Proud of
LinkedIn Premium – Should you upgrade?

Through this lecture I am by no means suggesting you should integrate your connections’ emails automatically as part of any sort of list. That can very easily be considered SPAM. Even though you could contact them all via LinkedIn, having their emails is a valuable resource that should be used wisely


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