Justin Glover’s Bonus: Digital Business Mastery

Justin Glover's Bonus: Digital Business Mastery

Justin Glover’s Bonus: Digital Business Mastery

Justin Glover’s Bonus: Digital Business Mastery (Value: $1,997)
Digital Business Mastery (DBM for short) is a completely comprehensive 60 day training program specifically designed for aspiring online entrepreneurs with a desire to build a 6 figure business on the internet…

The training is broken up into the following 4 modules:

Module 1: Core Training

• Affiliate marketing: 12 videos, plus a bonus report and an action guide to show you pretty much everything you need to know to become a better affiliate marketer. This was sold as a stand alone course in the past, but it’s included right here inside module 1 as a bonus.
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• Market Validation: 6 detailed videos & 4 exercises to show you how to be 100% certain that the market you are in is a profitable one.

• Product Validation: 10 videos to help you validate that the product you are selling is a profitable one, and whether your offer is a winner…

Module 2: Business Setup

• Niche Marketing Model (Path 1): A series of 16 click by click videos where you will learn one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet…

• Strategic Marketing Model (Path 2): In these 11 videos, you will expand your knowledge of building a profitable Lead Generation System from scratch…

Module 3: Traffic Mastery

• Introduction To Traffic: You will learn that most people FAIL at driving traffic because they look at it in the entirely wrong way. Hint: It has to do with a house and an overgrown field of grass

• 21 Day Traffic Plan: You will learn why most of the ‘gurus’ follow a 21 day traffic plan over anything else…Justin will also walk you through the process of setting up your OWN 21 day traffic plan as well as show you some examples.

• Leverage Marketing: In this section you will learn what leverage marketing is, and why it’s one of the most POWERFUL methods of driving free traffic.

• Paid Traffic: In this section, Justin breaks down one of his absolute favorite traffic driving methods that you can immediately start using. He shared this method with his $20,000 per year mastermind group and they were ALL taking notes! (most of them are ALREADY making 7 Figures online)

Module 4: Business Growth

• Analyze Your Traffic: In this section, Justin will introduce you to the world of tracking and testing. He goes deep inside Google Analytics, and teaches the difference between “money numbers” and “conversion numbers”(Hint: EVERY 7 figure earner online knows these 2 metrics and once you go through this section, you will too)

• Increase Your Conversion: This is where things really start to get fun… Justin introduces you to split testing, and teaches you how to use all the tools that you will need in order to start split testing like a pro.

• Drive More Traffic: Once you make it through the split testing section, it’s time to crank up your traffic skills. This is where you will find additional traffic driving strategies to take your game to the next level.
Gavin Mountford’s Bonus:

If you’re sick and tired of being frustrated, distracted, overwhelmed and NEVER getting anything done while trying to build up your business on the Internet… then ‘Double Your Business Productivity’ is for you…

Here’s just a little of what you’ll learn:

• How to use the 60/60/30 principle and the 80/20 rule to save you between 1-2 hours per day with your Internet Marketing. (Imagine how much more you’ll get done and how great you’ll feel at the end of the day by implementing these small changes into your business)…
• Gavin’s “No-Brainer” Five (5) step process for taking complete control of that CRAZY, overgrown email inbox you’ve currently got. Implement this process and watch your creativity EXPLODE because you’ve just freed up at least 11% of your brain clutter..!

• Gavin’s exact secret methods for monitoring your time, getting clear and current and reducing your information overload on a daily basis to make sure those time wasting habits don’t resurface again…

• How to make one ‘tiny’change to the way you think which will turn you 360 degrees into a results machine, churning out task after task after task (It will totally transform how much you get done each day leaving you feeling fulfilled and happy at the end of it)…

• 1 simple little technique you MUST implement into your driving force which will PUSH you towards achieving your goals FAST! (hint… this might be a little painful at first, but we promise you it’s worth it’s weight in gold)…

Plus much, much more…

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