Joseph Riggio – INFLUENCE Program

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Joseph Riggio - INFLUENCE Program

Joseph Riggio – INFLUENCE Program

“INFLUENCE! is part of the hidden trinity of elite performance … POWER! | CREATIVITY! | INFLUENCE! … the part that extends your Personal Power beyond the limits of yourself.

Leadership is all about creating outcomes that go beyond the limits of any individual … When it comes to being a leader the ability to take action … to envision what isn’t yet … and the ability to articulate your message and bring others along into the future you’ve imagined is where it all comes together … or not.

As your ambitions and intentions grow you’ll need to enroll others and build the commitment it takes to bring your intentions to life. This is the essence of what some folks call leadership.

Either you create the vision and breath life into it producing the outcome and creating a future that works … or you fail to pull the pieces into place that could make it happen. The difference that makes a difference when it comes to leadership is simple … will others follow where you lead?

There’s no doubt when it comes to leadership influence is the master skill!

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