John Assaraf 2013 – Money 2 – The Neuroscience of Financial Success 2013 [23 mp4, 3pdf] – Complete

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[center]John Assaraf 2013 - Money 2 - The Neuroscience of Financial Success 2013 [23 mp4, 3pdf] - Complete
[b]John Assaraf 2013 – Money 2 – The Neuroscience of Financial Success 2013 [23 mp4, 3pdf] – Complete[/b] John Assaraf 2013 – Money 2 – The Neuroscience of Financial Success 2013 [23 mp4, 3pdf] – Complete
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Four of the world’s leading mindset, money making and brain science experts are going
to give you everything you need, over three days of deep-dive transformation, and show
you how to FINALLY BREAKTHROUGH your current income limitations, so you can
Attain Financial Freedom and The Lifestyle You Desire and Deserve.

Day One: Design Your Personal Roadmap to Financial Success and Total Freedom!

Our goal for Money2: The Neuroscience of Financial Success is big … really big.

We want to help you multiply your results by a factor of 10.

10 times your personal income. 10 times your business revenues.. 10 times your contributions. 10 times whatever your current results are right now!

Sound big (perhaps a little too big)? Good! We want you to create the biggest, boldest life you can imagine … and that means setting big, bold goals.

Some of you are already thinking that’s this is just not possible for you and you are right!

With your current thinking, beliefs and habits it’s not. Even though it’s totally possible, your old way thinking will try to keep you stuck within your current comfort zone and activate the part of your brain that makes your current reality what it is. However…

Imagine for just a minute about what it would mean to your lifestyle and fulfillment to create 10 times the income you’re currently making:

How grateful you’ll feel when you get to share your wealth and time with your family and friends … and your favorite charitable organizations

How much less stress you’ll experience, knowing that you have more than enough money for all of your financial needs

How much sooner you’ll be able to retire (without downsizing your life)
How proud you’ll be to pay college tuition bills in full for your kids or grandkids (and maybe even nieces and nephews)

How happy you’ll be furnishing and enjoying a second home in whatever vacation paradise you enjoy most

How awesome it will be to indulge in meals out at the finest restaurants, new clothes, exotic travel, and the hottest entertainment whenever something catches your fancy
NOTE: If you can’t imagine multiplying your financial results by 10 right now … don’t worry. It’s simply a symptom of your current mental financial blueprint’s limitations. We’ll help you expand your beliefs about what is possible – and then quickly, easily, and effortlessly bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be – when you attend Money2: The Neuroscience of Financial Success.

During this first powerful day of this life-changing workshop, we’ll help you create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) goals for all aspects of your financial life, such as the income and business revenue you want to generate, the amount of debt you want to pay off, the net worth you want to build, how much you want to save for your kids’ college education and much more. These goals will help you directly apply everything that you learn at Money2: The Neuroscience of Financial Success into your life and business.

You’ll also uncover your big “why” – WHY you want to create these results. There are two types of why’s people have related to goals. The first level is easy to identify – “I want to earn $500,000 because then I could travel as much as I’d like and sock away a lot of money for retirement.”

But there’s a bigger why in play, too … and this why is what fuels our passion and commitment. Your why might be so that you can live with total freedom. Or maybe it’s because achieving a certain income level would allow you to impact the world in a big way via charitable giving and doing.

Everyone’s big WHY is unique. And during Money2: The Neuroscience of Financial Success, you’ll uncover yours.

With your SMART goals in place and your big WHY identified, you’ll then see it ….

… the GAP. The gap between where you are now … and where you truly want to be (and belong).

Bridging this gap will be our focus during the remainder of Money2: The Neuroscience of Financial Success.

The work begins with uncovering the internal mental blockages that are standing between you and your biggest, boldest life. In other words, we’ll help you…

Recognize and Release The Inner C.R.A.P That Is Holding You Back!

During the second half of Day One, we’ll begin addressing the C.R.A.P. – Conflicts, Resistance, Anxiety and Problems (i.e. Procrastination and Pessimism). You’ll discover the latest, easiest, fastest, and best ways to get rid of the excuses that you have. So that once and for all you will learn how to get rid of the stories, beliefs, excuses, reasons, and negative beliefs and habits that have held you hostage – AND develop the right mindset for maximum revenues, profits and income this year!

Day Two: Reprogramming Your Mind for Greater Success

On Day Two, you’ll learn how to attain your highest potential through emotional mastery.
If you want to achieve your potential, enjoy unlimited success and earn as much money as you want (whether it’s for an employer or by building the business of your dreams) … you must have certain strategies, a certain mindset, and a certain list of things to do in a certain order.

If you don’t have the right information, in the right order, applied at the right time you’ll fall short of your goals … No matter how hard you work.

Imagine trying to open a safe without having the right combination or having it in the wrong order? Seems kind of crazy right? Well the same is true of financial success and freedom.

There is an art and science to knowing how to take your knowledge and skill to create more money to achieve the level of income you desire. If you don’t understand how to place a value on what you know or what you do … or if you don’t know how to ask for more money … or if you don’t know how to increase your value, your skills or your strategies…

… then you’ll be doing things out of sequence. And you’ll get stuck at an income level that’s far lower than you want or deserve.

There are the 4 critical ingredients to achieving unlimited financial success. Now that you have the detailed vision of what you’re working to achieve, you know why you want to achieve this level of success, and you’ve eliminated the beliefs that are keeping you stuck, it’s time for …

Critical Step #1: Creating Right Mindset

Beliefs are nothing more than patterns in your brain – a blueprint that is designed to produce a certain thought and action pattern and ultimately your results. Your current inner financial blueprint is producing the results that you’re currently experiencing. Your beliefs determine which actions you take and which habits you practice. If you want to change your results, you must start with creating a new “Inner” blueprint.

You see, there’s a certain level of thinking and skill you need to make $20,000 a year – and it’s vastly different than the blueprint you need to make $50,000 a year … $100,000 a year or $500,000 a year. Want to earn $1 million a year? You need a new blueprint. Ready to aim for $5 million dollars a year? You guessed it – you need a new mental blueprint.

Every level requires a new belief system about money and success. A new habit system. A new behavioral system. So the very first thing you must do to build a foundation for financial success is create the right mindset to match your ideal life vision … and that’s what you’ll do during Money2: The Neuroscience of Financial Success.

We’ll start by uncovering the limiting beliefs, habits, fears and negative emotions that are unconsciously sabotaging your efforts to create greater results and success. Beliefs such as:

Not feeling “good enough”
Not feeling smart enough
Fear of failure
Fear of success
Habitual patterns of procrastination
Constantly feeling overwhelmed
Then we’ll teach you cutting-edge brain-retraining methodologies to eliminate the limiting beliefs permanently. With new beliefs that support your efforts to achieve your SMART goals, you’ll find it easy to maintain momentum, take the right actions, and steadily build momentum towards your dream life. Your problems will take a back seat so you can start achieving your desired goals while sustaining your highest performance!

Day Three: Learning the Right Strategies, Skills and Tactics to Achieve Your Goals

On Day Three, you will learn how to create the right systems, resources and find the right people to help you achieve every income or revenue goal you have. We’ll dive-deep into learning the right strategies and tactics so you go home with a clear roadmap including the specific actions you can implement for the greatest financial success in the shortest period of time

Day Three is when you’ll learn the remaining 3 steps that are needed to achieve greater levels of financial success.

Critical Step #2: Properly Managing Your Money

Most people have never been taught proper and comprehensive money management skills. You may have been lucky enough to learn bits and pieces. But rarely do we grow up learning everything needed to properly manage money.

And let’s face it …

If your parents aren’t wealthy (and continuing to grow their wealth) … they obviously don’t have the mindset, knowledge and skills needed to create wealth. So there’s no way they could teach you, right?

Take an honest look at how you manage your money, and ask yourself:

“How do I manage my debt?”
“How do I manage my risk?”
“How do I manage the money that I’ve got coming in?”
“How do I allocate my money to different areas of my life?” .
If you don’t have a money management plan in place that is steadily leveraging your income to grow your wealth (or if you looked at these questions and thought “what plan?”), you need to improve your money management skills. You’ll learn how during Money2: The Neuroscience of Financial Success. Sign up now.

Critical Step #3: Invest Your Money for Growth

Many people live hand to mouth. They spend every dime they earn, and at best, they sock away a little bit for emergencies or retirement.

Wealthy people use their money differently. They invest it, so that it grows exponentially.

Just as with money management skills, most people have (at best) a partial education about what it takes to properly invest their money for growth.

If you want to achieve unlimited financial success, it’s critical to learn proper investment skills, so you know:

How to make decisions about where to invest
How to know who to trust
How to recognize what skills you need
How to pick which strategies to implement if you’ve never done it before
Without these vital skills, you’ll make stupid mistakes. Guaranteed. You’ll just continue the vicious, confidence-killing cycle of making money and losing it … making money and losing it … making money and losing it.

During Money2: The Neuroscience of Financial Success, you’ll discover the strategies and skills you need to start leveraging every dollar that comes into your life to create the level of wealth you desire. Reserve your place now.

Critical Step #4: Protecting Your Wealth

If you don’t know how to protect your wealth – whether it’s legally or strategically – I can practically guarantee that you’ll lose at least part of your fortune (if not all of it).

The market will change, and your portfolio will shrink. The economy will adjust, and your business will suddenly lose dramatic amounts of market share. You’ll end up in an accident or with disgruntled employees … and a legal verdict will rob you of the fortune you’ve worked hard to build.

When you’re far away from your financial dream, it can be difficult to fully appreciate the important of protection strategies. But trust me, they’re necessary.

The sooner you educate yourself about what you need to do, the easier it is to get them in place long before you need them. During Money2: The Neuroscience of Financial Success, you’ll discover the questions to ask, the resources to secure, and the safeguards to put into place (and when) to minimize your risk and protect your hard-won wealth. Lock in your spot now.

As a result of Day Three, you’ll return home with a detailed “90-Day Money Making Action Plan.” Think of it as your own personal treasure map, incorporating everything you’ve learned, making darn sure this isn’t just another seminar… but rather a Life-Changing Experience that revolutionizes your business, life and your income from now on!

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