Jo Ann Hammond – Meiers – Innovative Change for Entrepreneurs 2014

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Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers-Innovative Change for Entrepreneurs 2014

Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers-Innovative Change for Entrepreneurs 2014

Innovative Change for Entrepreneurs

Be the Light
hosted by
Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers

Listen and learn from 31 experts, coaches, entrepreneurs, and professionals
who want to help you be the best you can be as an innovative, conscious
entrepreneur in your business as you create and change with the times!

Perhaps you have heard the phrase “Be the change you wish to see in the world”– usually attributed to Mahatma Ghandi. Over the past few years I’ve been exploring the daily practices conscious entrepreneurs adopt to “Be the Change.” I’ve noticed that success comes as a result of preparing the soil for abundance… not by forcing things to grow. I’ve also noticed that one way to prepare soil is to learn from others who are on a similar path and adapting their lessons to your own circumstances.

If you are “soil-building” in your business right now, then here is an opportunity to be a part of an online learning process for an innovative change program for conscious entrepreneurs. As I see it, the information shared in this program on mindset issues alone is well worth your time. Imagine discover a nugget of truth that will change the course of your work and business.

In this telesummit, you will:
• learn financial perspectives, including growth through giving in business
• understand winning mindsets and what are the trends that can encourage you to think differently
• be stimulated to innovate by what others have found worked for them
• learn to have the characteristics of innovative entrepreneurs and increase your business success

Meet the Innovative Change for Entrepreneurs Speakers

Lianne Ebbinkhujsen – 3 Keys to Step Into Your Own Innovative Power as an Entrepreneur
Vinca Heart – Confidence Your 6 Figure Money Makeover
Ronnie Tsunami – Going Beyond Social Media to Build Social Influence Online
Tara Butler-Floch – Creating Savvy Strategic Alliances
Brigitte van Tuijl – 3 Crucial Steps to Boldly Build a Successful, Mission-Driven Business on YOUR Own Terms
Jenn August – Grow Your Business by Unleashing Your Natural Abilities to Connect
Yasmin Vorajee – How To Get BIG RESULTS From Tiny Time: Why You Don’t Need To Work In Your Business
‘Full Time’ To Thrive
Gloria Rand – 3 Costly Mistakes that Keep Business Owners Struggling for Cash and Clients
Warren Broad – Recovery In The Now: Dispelling Myths Of Powerlessness Over Addictions And Compulsive Behaviors
Amy Wright – Why Marketing Your Pants Off Will Just Leave You Pants-less
Rodney Washington – Monetize Your Gifts: How To Turn Your Knowledge Into A Platform, Establish Your Expert Status
And Grow Your Business With Podcasting
Pamela Bruner – No Excuses: Mindset Strategies for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs
Jeanna Gabbelini – The No Fail Six-Step Profit Formula
Laura Clark – R.E.A.P™ Success in Your Life ~ How to Re-align Your Energies for Abundance and Purpose
Alisoun Mackenzie – The 7 Steps To Attracting More Clients With Heart, Authenticity and Social Impact
Terra Ferrar – The 8 Essential Steps To Launch Your Dream and Experience Sky-Rocketing Success… In This Lifetime!
Wendy Baudin – Self Love Applies to Life and Business
Tracey Fieber – The Online Marketing Edge
Frank Demming – How Relational Marketing Builds Trust and Grows Your Business
Loretta McCarthy – Paying Attention to Your Heart Voice
Yoon Cannon – Shine Your Light on LinkedIn: How to Attract a Flood of Your Ideal Clients
Gary Gosch – Creating New Heights with Innovative Mindsets
Nicola Grace – Monetize Your Mission For The Changing Economy
Annika Sorensen – Winning the Business Marathon: How to Run Life-Business Marathons and Breathe in Success
Denise Rushing – Mindset: Essential Principles and Practices for the Spiritual Entrepreneur
Gem Munro – Women With Intention The Amarok Society
Janet Clark – Evolving Your Vision While Building an Online Business Team
Darlene Cary – Can’t Keep Up? 3 Ways to Simplify Your Business
Erno Hannink – Being Innovative about our Family and Business Blend
Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers – River Currents Need to Flow Effectively: Mash-up Your Business with Just in Time Successes
Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers – Telesummit Recap

About your host Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers, Ph.D.
Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers coaches evolving entrepreneurs. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and likes being a lifelong learner and professional who continues to develop her professional offerings and services. She has a Master Life Coaching Certificate and she is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach with Quantum Success Coaching Academy. She has integrated Coaching in her private practice and now is extending her outreach online. She is CEO of Coaching Flow Success, an online firm that serves entrepreneurs who aim to succeed in their developing businesses. She maintains two separate businesses, one an in-person business and one, an online business. Before establishing a business co-owned with her husband, Dr. Gary Meiers, she had a solo entrepreneur business. Jo Ann is a certified Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner. She trained, and practices in Milton Erickson’s Therapeutic Hypnosis. She has trained, and practiced in Craniosacrum Therapy, Trigger Therapy, Trager Therapy, and Bowen Technique, all forms of Body Therapies. She continues to study Energy Therapies, Positive Self-Talk, utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Techniques as well as Emotional Shifts, focusing on Integration Techniques that promote success at all levels. She is a Registered Psychologist in Alberta Canada, (#1321), a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, a Registered Art Therapy (with American Art Therapy Association), and a Registered Canadian Art Therapist (with Canadian Art Therapy Association). She received a graduate diploma in Graduate Diploma in Distance Education Technology from Canada’s Open University in 2009. She has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and practiced in psychology since 1974. She worked in businesses from the time she was 14. She established the Alberta Creative Arts Therapy Center within the psychological services firm owned by her husband and herself. She has volunteered in the Edmonton Community in several schools over the last twenty years. She is an active member of the Amarok Society which is a Canadian Charity supporting ‘Mothers Teaching other Mothers to Teach Children’ in Bangladesh. She served on the Festival Ballet and the Edmonton School of Ballet Boards for several years. She was a Board Member of the Eating Disorders Educational Organization in Edmonton for many years.

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