Igor Ledochoswski & Anthony Jacquin – Advanced Walkup Street Hypnosis

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Igor Ledochoswski & Anthony Jacquin – Advanced Walkup Street Hypnosis

Igor Ledochoswski & Anthony Jacquin – Advanced Walkup Street Hypnosis

This may be one of Igor’s most interesting and possibly lucrative skills training programs I have seen. To master the ability to approach strangers and have even a little sway over them could be very valuable for those of us that have to persuade people on a daily basis. The video quality is good and the audio rips are very well done. There is a lot of material and having the audios available so you can absorb the pacing and flow of the encounter is very helpful. Be careful if you are listening while driving! The Magic Shrink Ray(™) knocked off about 40% while keeping the audio and video quality high. The business potential of these skills are, to say the least, worth your attention   DVD #01: Walk Up Street Hypnosis (Las Vegas Training)
DVD #02: Handshake Inductions, Covert Inductions & More Hypnotic Routines (Las Vegas Training)
DVD #03: How To Get Volunteers On The Street & The Unconscious Rapport Signal (Las Vegas Training)
DVD #04: How To Set Up A Complete Street Hypnosis Demonstration (Las Vegas Training)
DVD #05: Street Hypnosis State Control & How To Amp Up A Watching Crowd (Las Vegas Training)
DVD #06: Turning Your “Set Pieces” Into Advanced “WOW Factor” Performances (Las Vegas Training)
DVD #07: How To Work The Streets & Create The Most Dramatic Demonstrations (Las Vegas Training)
DVD #08: How To Approach Any Group & Get Them Excited About Street Hypnosis (London Training)
DVD #09: How To Use The “Finger Vice” To Find The Best Subjects To Work On (London Training)
DVD #10: The Glued Hands Demo, Building On Responses & Cognitive Dissociation (London Training)
DVD #11: How To Make Up Your Own Hypnotic Routines On The Fly (London Training)
DVD #12: Troubleshooting & Hypnotic Fractionation Power Routines (London Training)
DVD #13: The Abreaction Drill & How To Use Amnesia With People (London Training)
DVD #14: Approach Styles & The Irresistible Arm Levitation That Works In Any Situation (London Training)
DVD #15: 4 Hypnotic Gifts That Will Have People Loving You (London Training)
DVD #16: Covert Street Hypnosis, Hypnotic Vehicles & Parallel Realities (London Training)
DVD #17: How To Seamlessly Slip Into A Covert Hypnotic Conversation Anytime (London Training)
DVD #18: Creating “Hypnotic Magic Moments”, Final Demos & Final Thoughts (London Training)

Bonus BONUS DVD #1: Group Integration Induction To Give You Super Confidence On The Streets – On this DVD will consist of me hypnotizing you into ALREADY having the everything it takes to go out your front door and start doing cold walk-up street hypnosis. (Value $97)

Bonus BONUS DVD #2: Hypnosis Demonstrations With Strangers On The Streets Of London – On this DVD you’ll be like a “fly-on-the-wall” getting up close and personal watching students hit the streets in busy Central London and see them pull off astonishing feats of hypnosis with complete strangers. There’s nothing like seeing it live and raw on the street with real people in real situations (there are 13 demos in all you can spy-in on)…(Value $127)

Bonus BONUS DVD #3: Hypnosis Demonstrations With Strangers On The Street Of Las Vegas — On this DVD you’ll be like a “fly-on-the-wall” getting up close and personal watching students hit the streets in busy Las Vegas and see them pull off astonishing feats of hypnosis with complete strangers. Again, there’s nothing like seeing it live and raw on the street with real people in real situations (there are 13 demos in all you can spy-in on)… (Value $127)

Bonus BONUS DVD #4: Star Students: More Demonstrations Including Warm-Up Routines That Get You In The Zone – On this DVD you’ll see Johnny, Mike, Colin, and Amit show you how they have adapted street hypnosis routines to suit their own personalities and their own styles. Watch this and see how you can do your own “freestyle” hypnosis routines in whatever places suit you best…(Value $127)

Bonus BONUS DVD #5: Practical Demos, Mini Shows & How To Make Money Using Street Hypnosis – On this DVD you’ll see how students are putting on hypnosis shows… how they’re making money from their street hypnosis skills (like the guy who makes $7,000 a day from a 20-minute demo)… and… even… how you can use street hypnosis to do self-hypnosis on yourself to perform at an optimum level in anything you are doing… (value $197)

Bonus BONUS CD #6: FULL Transcripts on a CD – You also get all the transcripts of ALL the DVDs and BONUS DVDs as well. (value $175)

One question I keep getting from
folks is along the lines of:


That’s a great question.

And it has a MULTITUDE of answers.

More specifically, here are just a few of the things you’ll be able to do when you get the “Advanced Walkup Street Hypnosis Program”:

** You’ll be able to walk-up to anyone, anywhere at any time and do amazing
feats of street hypnosis

** You’ll be able to use a “set-piece” of street hypnosis you can go out and
use immediately even if you are a complete newbie…

** You’ll know (and be able to use) the number one routine to open any group of
people. This enables you to know who your best candidate is to do advanced street hypnosis with – leaving the rest of the group stunned and enthralled…

** You’ll know EXACTLY what to do, what to say and how to say it, so you can
confidently talk with anyone on the street even if you think you are painfully shy…

** You’ll be able to use simple inductions to lock jaws shut, stop a person’s tongue
from moving, stick their hands to a wall or their feet to the floor…and you’ll even
be able to freeze them into a “human statue”…

** You’ll know how to use the weird “memory eraser” to make someone forget their own name, their own telephone number or ANYTHING else you want them to forget…

** You’ll know how to make people and other items “invisible” to the eyes of the person (or people) you are hypnotizing – imagine what you could get away with just by using this…

** You’ll be able to walk up to a straight-laced business person and within a few seconds have them feel totally drunk on water… laughing uncontrollably… or doing other hilarious things that are completely out of character…

** You’ll be able to “finish up” any type of street hypnosis in an elegant way that
leaves people feeling wonderful for having received the gift of your hypnosis…

** You’ll know how to quickly and easily put yourself into a powerful, charismatic, chatty high performance state so you feel totally unstoppable in your role as a master street hypnotist…

** You’ll know how to do instant street hypnosis inductions… plus… advanced
instant inductions – and exactly how and when to best use them for MAXIMUM effect…

** You’ll know exactly what to do in those rare circumstances where someone
begins to flip out when they realize they are about to “go under” (knowing this means you’ll never get into trouble or be left humiliated by a failed induction)…

** You’ll know how to use advanced street hypnosis to really penetrate people’s minds – like making them see “flying objects” or “ghosts in the room” or making their friends “disappear”… just to name a few…

** You’ll know how to use “street” hypnosis demonstrations to fill up any hypnotherapy practice – When Igor started his practice, he did these demonstrations and had people literally beating down his office door to
make hypnotherapy appointments.

BTW, on the DVDs you’ll see how one of the seminar attendees uses “street” hypnosis techniques to turn a 20-minute demo into a $7,000 pay-day…

** You’ll be able to make anyone have incredible feelings in their body…

** You’ll know how to almost effortlessly use street hypnosis techniques on strangers without them knowing what’s going on – this is especially powerful when you come up against someone who thinks they have the upper hand over you (like a blockhead doorman who won’t let you in a club or the VIP section)…

** You’ll know how to walk up to someone (ANYONE).. use conversational street hypnosis and make them feel like you’re an amazing new gift in their life… and walk away leaving them uplifted and grateful for having met you…

** You’ll be able to put together 4 complete Street Hypnosis “shows” for totally different situations (this is especially useful if you want to use your street hypnosis shows / demos to land paying gigs at classy venues and private parties…

** PLUS MUCH, Much More…

Including how to do COVERT walk-up street hypnosis…

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