How To Write (And Persuade) Better – Drayton Bird

Drayton Bird - How To Write (And Persuade) Better

Drayton Bird – How To Write (And Persuade) Better

More gold from Drayton Bird.

A simple webinar from July of 2010 that is actually quite inexpensive considering the wealth of information he casually tosses away.

This is light on your ratio. Handouts are included. Audio files have been ripped from the video version for those so inclined. Get this.

Here’s part of it:
“What will I learn?”

In the first video I discuss:

1. How do you get attention – advice from an advertising genius
2. What top bosses REALLY want from you
3. Who edited David Ogilvy’s writing?
4. How I sold the world’s most expensive executive education seminar – which they couldn’t sell before. I take you in complete detail through the problem, and how I solved it, word by word.
5. Why most marketing books are bad news
6. What’s the biggest problem with writing
7. A lesson from the Dragon Empress of China
8. How to convert a mailing into an ad
9. How do you get ideas?
10. The sin we are all guilty of (including me)

And lots, lots more besides.

Don’t forget that’s just the first video. After that there’s another one hour and fifty seven minutes jam packed with the fruits of 53 years’ damned hard labour.

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