Home Grown Food Summit – 2015 hosted by Marjory Wildcraft

Home Grown Food Summit - 2015 hosted by Marjory Wildcraft

Home Grown Food Summit - 2015 hosted by Marjory Wildcraft

Home Grown Food Summit – 2015 hosted by Marjory Wildcraft


Home Grown Food Summit – 2015

-hosted by Marjory Wildcraft

30+ Leading Experts In Backyard Food Production Will Help You Become Free Of Supermarkets and Drugstores

Meet The Presenters!

8 Reasons You Are Insane If You Aren’t Growing Some Of Your Own Food -Mike Adams

Youth Gardening – Getting The Next Generation Growing -Julia Parker-Dickerson

GROW Bio-Intensive Gardening: Food And Income In Your Backyard -John Jeavons

The Natural Selection Of The Wise -Sally Fallon

Aquaponics – Everything You NeedTo Know To Get Started -Sylvia Bernstein

Working With Kids So They Will Want To Work With You -Joel Salatin

Picking Chicken Breeds Best For Your Yard -Jeannette Beranger

Comparing The 6 Ways To Keep Chickens and Which Is Best For You -Paul Wheaton

Growing Your Greens -John Kohler

How To Preserve FoodWater Bath and Pressure Canning -Kendra Lynne

Secret Garden Of Survival -Rick Austin

Mulch Gardening Secrets -Jill Winger

Quality Seed Saving -Stephen Scott

How To Preserve Food By Fermentation -Wardeh Harmon

7 Ways We Change The World Growing Our Own Food -Gary and Valerie

Beginners Guide To Hunting Deer For Food -Jackson Landers

Detox Your Garden -Leslie Parsons

8 Steps To Welcome Rain Into Your Life and Landscape -Brad Lancaster

13 Wild Weeds Essential For Human Survival -Katrina Blair

Permaculture Guilds: The Building Blocks For Food Forests -Toby Hemenway

Communicating With Plants -Doug Simons

13 Tips, Tricks, And Lessons From Homesteading an Acre -David Goodman

How To Eat And Enjoy Insects -Allen Davisson

Botany In A Day -Tom Elpel

Straw Bale Gardening -Joel Karsten

6 Laws Of Plant Growth And The Mittleider Method -Jim Kennard

Living Without Refrigeration -Woniya Thibeault

10 Reason To Grow Up Instead of Out -Laurie Neverman

Meet Your Host:
How To Produce Half Of Your Food In Your Backyard In Less Than An Hour Per Day
-Marjory Wildcraft

Known as the Martha Stewart of self reliance, Marjory knows just about everything
there is to know about growing and producing food sustainably in a back yard setting.

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