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Lisa Sasevich - Get Started Speaking

[center][b]Lisa Sasevich – Get Started Speaking [/b][/center] Another exclusive – from my collection. paid $497 for this.

Get Started as a Speaker AND Make the Big Bucks … Even if You’ve Never Spoken in Your Life and You’re Starting with Free Gigs!
(YES, this really CAN happen!)

2009 was the biggest year yet for both of us. Why? Because we got in front of audience after audience – and nothing creates sales like an irresistible talk AND the right ‘non-selly’ approach. Yes, you CAN be yourself, spread your mission, impact audiences AND sell like crazy. (We’ve got results to prove it.) Check out our easy, step by step program!

Yes, that’s right … budding speaker. Because between you and me, this is a whole lot simpler than you think it’s going to be.

But first of all …

Ever had the uncomfortable realization that you have to have speaking gigs in your resume in order to get more?
Ever wondered who on earth would come to hear you speak … and what would you speak about, anyway?
Ever sat in the audience knowing you could do a better job – but wondering what the first baby steps really are?
Spent tons on yet another speaking program that tells you how to get gigs as a more advanced speaker … but not as the real beginner you actually are?
Read On Only if You’re Tired of Slogging Away in Obscurity with the Sinking Feeling You’re Not Making the Money You Should be Making … because Something is Missing!

In October of 2008, we banded together in Tucson, AZ and mashed up our copious info on how to create, book, and fill talks AND sell big time from them. We invited a select audience of 30 participants to hear us live and add ‘the audience part’ while a sound engineer in the back of the room made us a gorgeous recording.

Now – by popular request – that product is ready for all who didn’t wish to travel to Arizona.

And let me tell you … this was ONE HOPPIN’ EVENT! Wow. People just couldn’t get enough of what we were up to here. It was beyond exciting – and we really understood something key.

This work is needed by EVERYONE who isn’t speaking … more on that below.

Why Speaking is THE Single Most Important Thing You Can Do to Get Known by Hundreds of Thousands of People Now

INDUSTRY SECRET: Yes, you CAN make big bucks even at small, unpaid gigs …
a LOT of big bucks! (Why else would lots of best-selling authors do them?)

But here’s the thing – you have to know how to do this. It requires training, preparation, and precise planning … which we are here to give you. (The doing of which correctly can help you close up to 65% of the audience. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here!)

Now here’s the thing. Lisa Sasevich is the top bona fide expert on selling effectively from the podium. She spent years in the corporate sector developing the tools she now calls ‘The Invisible Close’ – her technique for selling from the podium that amazingly does not seem or feel like selling. It really doesn’t!

Suzanne is one of those people who HATES to be pitched to about anything – warning, all telemarketers – and not only did she quickly get comfy with Lisa’s techniques and sales strategies, but in just one hour of studying Lisa’s strategies, she increased her sales from the stage from about 15% (which is already respectable) to an unprecedented 43% every time she speaks! Not only did this double the bundle of cash Suzanne takes home every time she speaks, but more importantly, it doubled her ability to get her message out and get her work into the world where it can significantly help people.

Suzanne Falter-Barns, your other guide here, is an expert in platform building – helping people niche down tightly and repackage themselves, so they effortlessly attract calls from major media and publishers. Suzanne has a 20+ year career in New York City as a marketing pro, freelance journalist, new product developer and brander, and all around brainy thinker on all kinds of matters related to marketing. Her clients included The New York Times, Hearst, Colgate-Palmolive, Meredith, HBO … and well, too many others to list here, all top level. And she’s built her own speaking career for the last 15 years after becoming a best-selling author.

CAVEAT: You Need to Know Where This Will Work, Where It Won’t, and How to Proceed Otherwise

Now here’s what you really need to understand to make this work for you: You can’t always pitch to your hearts content in most paid speaking gigs … and even in some of the free ones. Chances are that the people who bring you in frown on it, and if there’s no protocol for it, that’s understandable.

There are ways to sell big even in THOSE circumstances. But, the best situation of all is just what we’re proposing here – selling big in your STARTER gigs. Those are the free ones you use at the start of your speaking career to build credibility – the ones with associations and groups, or the ones you set up yourself in public venues, the very ones we’re going to teach you how to book, fill and make profitable.

The Other Caveat: To Make This Work You Need to Know How to Fill Seats – Don’t Talk to Empty Chairs! (That’s Sad.)

Here’s the other critical thing. People who do what we do often develop a knack for filling events. Seems like magic, right?

They put out a little blast on an ezine, and BOOM – instant mega crowd.

Well, we’re going to help you learn just what you need from the VERY beginning of this process to fill those seats and build your talks into seriously profitable (and helpful) seminars.

That has to do with getting the right hooks in place.



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