fxphd – BKD227: Background Fundementals


fxphd – BKD227: Background Fundementals
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This term’s background fundamentals is on Tech We Love: and we are starting by looking at Deep Compositing. The concept is closely aligned to that of Deep Shadows the hugely influential 2000 Pixar Siggraph paper by Tom Lokovic and Eric Veach. So much so that when we came to film some elements to help explain it this week – we used as the base of the shot a set of Siggraph Conference Proceedings.
Deep compositing is one of the most interesting new developments in compositing in years, companies like Weta Digital, Animal Logic and Dr D studios are all working with Deep Composite pipelines. Not only are we doing an in-depth BKD class but we have decided to do a summary introductory fxguidetv on the topic as well. Deep Compositing is very much like the addition of Normal map passes to Multi-pass compositing – and like Normal Maps it allows seemingly 3D only style operations to be done to rendered passes as part of the final 2D composite.

Class syllabus
Class 1: An interview with Caitlin Procter, 3D Artist Manager at Double Negative, looking into the structure of working at a big facility.
Class 2: A close look at the workflow used for producing classes in the fxphd Sydney office.
Class 3: A look at two 2013 Sci-Tech award winners related to animation: pose space deformation (PSD) and Weta Digital’s linear-elastic finite-element system to build muscles, skin and fat called Tissue.
Class 4: The work of DI3D and Ten24 using markerless face scanning technology.
Class 5: Testing a couple of Photogrammetry softwares out there, what works and what doesn’t.
Class 6: Looking at the situation with Rhythm & Hues, what’s chapter 11? How each country differs in terms of bankruptcy laws. How we can better prepare ourselves for changes in the short term and long term.
Class 7: Looking at the changing trends in our industry and what we can learn from the gaming industry.
Class 8: Mike talks to Graham Sharp of Grass Valley about the revolution that is about to come to the world of live TV production.
Class 9: LED lighting is getting popular these days, but just how good are LED lights?
Class 10: Mike shares a few tips on what you can do if you are working in small facilities.

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