Frank Kern – Mass Control 2.0

Frank Kern - Mass Control 2.0 [Mass Control 2.0 Week1-4, Crowd Control, 23 Million Dollar Swipe Files]

Frank Kern – Mass Control 2.0 [Mass Control 2.0 Week1-4, Crowd Control, 23 Million Dollar Swipe Files]

The long wait is over.

Frank Kern Mass Control 2.0
The cost of Mass Control 2.0 is $1997

Watch his Sales ad video at:

Mass Control Goes “Live” At 10:00 AM P.S.T On Monday, February 16th

The video you’re watching is the official “sales letter”.

Before you buy Mass Control 2.0, you should watch this video because it explains exactly what Mass Control 2.0 is …and what it can do for you.

I realize the complete absence of a “normal” sales letter is a little unusual, but don’t you think it’s safe to agree we’re all a bit sick of those hyped up things anyway?

And wouldn’t you rather just get the FACTS and see for yourself exactly what you’ll be getting? (And how to use it?)

Me too.

So the video you’re watching right now does a good job of laying it all out for you in good ol’ plain English.

You’re going to get a lot out of Mass Control 2.0, and I look forward to working together soon.

Frank Kern

P.S. The cost of Mass Control 2.0 is $1997. A payment plan will be available. I will be raising the price in the future, assuming I offer this product again.

P.P.S. If you’re not already on the Early Bird list, you can get on it by entering your email in the form below. When you do, I’ll be sending you a secret early link where you can get your copy before everyone else.

Files Included:

23 Million Dollar Swipe File/annihilation_method.pdf 11.10 MB
23 Million Dollar Swipe File/annihilation_method_audio1.mp3 79.25 MB
23 Million Dollar Swipe File/annihilation_method_audio2.mp3 46.18 MB
23 Million Dollar Swipe File/pipeline_profits.pdf 9.70 MB
23 Million Dollar Swipe File/serializer.pdf 9.25 MB
23 Million Dollar Swipe File/stomper_net.pdf 18.19 MB
Mass Control 2.0/crowd_control_video1_coreinfluence_breakdown.mp4 770.60 MB
Mass Control 2.0/crowd_control_video2_masscontrol_salesvideo.mp4 184.92 MB
Mass Control 2.0/crowd_control_video3_infomillionaire_salesvideo.mp4 118.18 MB
Mass Control 2.0/crowd_control_video4_subliminal_journey_method.mp4 468.36 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week1_planting_seeds_for_total_domination.pdf 26.23 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week1_plantingseeds_audio1.mp3 61.70 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week1_plantingseeds_audio2.mp3 59.64 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week1_plantingseeds_video1_planofattack.mp4 24.19 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week1_plantingseeds_video2_moneymagnets.mp4 19.95 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week1_plantingseeds_video3_assignments.mp4 46.22 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week1_plantingseeds_video4_mindmaps.mp4 86.27 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week1_plantingseeds_video5_positionyourprod.mp4 93.41 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week1_plantingseeds_video6_howitzermethod.mp4 71.09 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week2_creatingcharandstory.pdf 17.27 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week2_creatingcharandstory_audio1.mp3 68.60 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week2_creatingcharandstory_audio2.mp3 76.93 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week2_creatingcharandstory_video1_creatingachar.mp4 98.18 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week2_creatingcharandstory_video2_usingstorylines.mp4 20.72 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week2_creatingcharandstory_video3_themainstorylines.mp4 68.07 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week2_creatingcharandstory_video4_usvsthem.mp4 106.15 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week2_creatingcharandstory_video5_hometownboy.mp4 20.94 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week3_masscontrolformula.pdf 11.20 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week3_masscontrolformula_audio1.mp3 82.26 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week3_masscontrolformula_audio2.mp3 81.43 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week3_masscontrolformula_video1_theformula.mp4 293.07 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week3_masscontrolformula_video2_formulabreakdown.mp4 26.09 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week3_masscontrolformula_video3_theprocess.mp4 42.31 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week4_implementation.pdf 21.54 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week4_implementation_audio.mp3 79.18 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week4_implementation_video1_layingafoundation.mp4 106.22 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week4_implementation_video2_fireatwill.mp4 106.22 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week4_implementation_video3_unifiedfront.mp4 30.75 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week4_implementation_video4_bondingmagnet.mp4 24.38 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week4_implementation_video5_proofmagnet.mp4 16.84 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week4_implementation_video6_shockmagnet.mp4 52.56 MB
Mass Control 2.0/week4_implementation_video7_deathgrip.mp4 80.55 MB
Core Influence.mp4 796.16 MB
Four Day Cash Machine.mp4 54.75 MB
fourdaycashmachine.pdf 3.98 MB
readmefirstletter_fromFrank.pdf 4.88 MB

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