Founder’s Club – Rich Schefren

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Founder's Club - Rich Schefren

Founder’s Club – Rich Schefren

Well, this is one of the continuity programs I let ride because it was so cheap. I normally log-in and download the content for viewing later or give it to my staff to review. While the content has been for “Founders” as advertised, it was generally decent information. Over the course of the program, they have not delivered the amount of content as promised.

– 2 Webinars a month
– 1 Report or Letter a month

The last report/letter was in May and the last two webinars is just Todd/Rich or Brian being interviewed and it’s only been one per month.

This is a lesson for those wanting a continuity program. You must cater to the customers and delivered month-after-month or pack it in.

The forums were full of complaints and the forum was deleted in order to upgrade it but it never happened. This is a sad way to operate. Todd Brown actually admits in one of the webinars that they just threw they programs together without any idea on fulfillment. At least they’re transparent about it.

Maybe everyone should consider a fixed-term continuity program rather than a perpetual one. Not everyone can do what Dan Kennedy had done.

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