Email Domination – OTO1+ OTO2

Email Domination - OTO1+ OTO2

Email Domination - OTO1+ OTO2

Email Domination – OTO1+ OTO2

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I realized why this whole email marketing thing was for real… and I wanted in on it…

Some quick research on Google (today in 2015) shows over 100 BILLION emails are sent and received per day. It calls email “the predominant form of communication in the business space”. Which makes total sense…and it’s why this space can be so lucrative!

Traditional ways to profit online can be a real pain having to create ads, keep up with spending limits, find offers, find places to get traffic, build sales pages, create sales videos… you get the point… there’s a ton of work involved.

But Email Marketing is pretty simple…

You simply Build – Send – Then Profit

Less moving pieces and FAR higher profit margins..

Once you acquire an email address you can promote to it over and over again.

You literally have MULTIPLE opportunities to profit from people once they are on your email list, and that’s the real key to driving an insane ROI.

Once I saw how other guys were cashing in on sending emails, I tried their methods, but I kept running into problems. I am sure if you’re new to email marketing you kinda know the drill. No conversions, my emails were not getting opened and let’s face it I was not able to scale quickly…I needed my list to grow.

Since I wanted to hit massive numbers with lists that would last for a long period of time, I decided to take a different approach.

So I created a testing strategy to MAKE SURE I hit the inbox when I send emails.

Which basically means I have an “advantage” over everyone else sending emails that’s not using the strategy and software I am using. My emails get opened… and that leads to more cash in my pocket.

I actually NEVER send an email until I know as close to for sure as possible that it’s going to inbox and not go to spam or promotional folders.

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