Easy Etsy Profit Training Course

Easy Etsy Profit Training Course

Easy Etsy Profit Training Course

There is no getting away from the fact that Etsy is a marketplace. A big, bustling, open all hours marketplace. And like a traditional marketplace – unless you’re very, very established, you’ll have some days when sales are booming and you’re already planning your retirement in the Bahamas. And other days, okay, weeks, months – whole business quarters, even, where sales are depressingly slow and you wonder why you bother at all.

In this article I’ll show you 5 ways to grow your Etsy profits, with email marketing for Etsy store owners. Most of these email marketing strategies are incredibly simple to execute – yet so effective… you’ll wonder why you didn’t do them sooner.

I’ll also share with you my time-saving resource library, containing the best information and training on how to create a winning newsletter for your eCommerce store (that converts). But I’ll tell you more about that later, first, let’s dive into my email marketing for Etsy tips… you can thank me later !
Now what I’m about to suggest goes against popular wisdom, but I’ll explain my reasoning in a second.

Whenever a customer makes a purchase from you, this customer should automatically go onto a email list of buyers -buyers whom you will send your email newsletter to (until or unless they say they don’t want it).

Here’s how to do this with minimal ‘ick’, invasive marketing, and unsubscribes.

Include a simple “thank you for shopping with us” card in a prominent place in all your packaging. Additionally, on this card, let theknow that all new customers are added to your mailing list.
Add all new customers into a separate email list, and shortly after receiving their purchase order send them a welcome email. In your welcome email thank them for becoming a customer, and again, let them know they have been added to your mailing list so they can be first to hear about new products and promotions that might interest them. Let them know they are welcome to unsubscribe at any time should they wish, and voila! That’s it, they are now on your list and no kittens died.

This type of communication is a win win. It lets your customers see that you value them and only want to send them information that they want, and it also gives them the chance to unsubscribe.
While Etsy does not allow or encourage you to promote the other places you retail online on their platform, that does not stop you from including an email opt-in box on your own website, if you have one.

Most email marketing service providers have easy to use opt-in boxes that you can modify and add to your website. I use Aweber, but would recommend MailChimp for creative entrepreneurs looking to begin a email marketing for Etsy campaign. If you currently have a small list – MailChimp is free.

Don’t just slap up a opt-in box anywhere on your site and expect people to give you their email. You need to include your opt-in box in a prominent area of your site and give your visitors a strong and compelling motivation to give you their email address. Here’s that resource I mentioned earlier on the best ‘how-to’ training I’ve found around the web on how to set up your newsletters, generate content ideas, and get people to subscribe

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