Don Crowther 3XSocial

Don Crowther 3XSocial

Don Crowther 3XSocial

Thank you for your 3X Social Purchase

Thank you for investing in my 3XSocial Course and Personal Coaching Package. I’m thrilled to have you aboard!

Please print this out and save it, as it contains important information you’ll want later!

As you know the course starts on Thursday, July 5th. About 5:00pm central on that day you will receive an email providing login credentials and giving you further instructions to get started in the course. That login will take you to the course portal where you will find the first module’s content and the ability to ask questions and participate in the course.

Remember that this course consists of 5 modules, each two weeks long. Plus, you get access to our live webinars, where I will answer all of your questions to help you get going as quickly as possible!

As part of the Retail Success Summit, you qualify to get 5 great bonuses with your purchase. As a reminder, they include:
10 question and answer webinars – you will receive emails enabling you to sign up for each of these.
Flowcharts, worksheets and checklists for each strategy – will be delivered through the course portal
1 ticket to Don’s live conference – you will receive emails about this as it gets closer. We’re finalizing the details on this, and will let you know more soon!)
3 months free membership in – You will receive another email giving you your login information within the next 48 hours.)
PinIncome (How To Build Your Business With Pinterest) Course – You will receive another email giving you your login information within the next 48 hours.)

Also, a member of my coaching staff will be contacting you by the end of the week to learn more about you and to schedule a time for your coaching sessions each week for the next 10 weeks. They will also be in charge of setting up your coaching call with me and your webinar hotseat session.

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