Dave Dee – The Power Of Copy Unleashed

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Dave Dee – The Power Of Copy Unleashed

Dave Dee – The Power Of Copy Unleashed

Sale Page: https://gkic.infusionsoft.com/saleform/nathniffts

Price: $197

The Power Of Copy consists of One DVDs, 2 CDs and a manual.  The best part is that it’ll only take you about 90 minutes to go through and it will give you a HUGE unfair advantage when it comes to dominating your marketplace.

Here’s why: most of your competitors are woefully bad at writing copy.  More than likely, they follow what those “fat-cat” Madison Avenue advertising agencies do: brand advertising that’ll evaporate your marketing budget.

Unless you’re Coke, Microsoft, or Pepsi and have millions of dollars to plunk down on a Super Bowl ad, your best bet is to learn the art of GKIC-style direct response advertising.

And the Power of Copy could give you the ability to easily perform one of the hardest things to do for most businesspeople: convince a prospect to buy or take an action just with the power of your words:

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