Dane Spotts – Mind Power Secrets

Dane Spotts - Mind Power Secrets [1 MP3]

Dane Spotts – Mind Power Secrets [1 MP3]

An audio workshop for attracting prosperity and wealth.

Im sure that you’ve heard the idea that our thoughts somehow shape the reality that we experience; that negative thoughts influence the world around us and bring about negative circumstances, while positive thoughts somehow bring about positive circumstances. An entire industry of motivational speakers has been organized around this premise. And most all of us have been exposed to the tenants of positive thinking.

But if it works so well, then why isn’t everyone who attends these seminars and reads these books rich and successful? And most of all, why aren’t they happy? If all we need to do is just think positive thoughts, we should be able to create a positive world almost overnight, shouldn’t we? What’s wrong with this picture?

The Happiness Misconception

What most people fail to understand is that happiness is not something that happens to you. It’s something that you cultivate. That you determine and control. If you’re waiting for happiness to happen to you, than you’re going to have a long wait. Instead, leap frog to it right NOW. How do you do that?

Well, I’ve spent the last twenty years finding out. And what I’ve discovered is a philosophy that I’ll share with you in Mind Power Secrets, a deceptively simple philosophy that all winners use to attract wealth and prosperity into their lives. I’ll introduce you to a set of tools and programs that I think will not only be a tremendous benefit to you, but will literally allow you to become your potential and derive the maximum pleasure out of life.
Leap Frog to Success

Follow this program, and one year from now I guarantee you’ll be totally amazed at the transformation and the positive direction that your life takes. You, too, will learn to attract wealth and prosperity into your life. To bring forth loving and positive relationships. The tools in this program will allow you to shine and glow and achieve in every area.

Learn how to leap frog to happiness and reach your full potential today.

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