creativeLIVE – Photographing Kids by Shannon Sewell

[img][/img] [b]creativeLIVE – Photographing Kids by Shannon Sewell[/b] Childhood is unlike any other chapter of life and the best photographers know how to capture images that are just as unique as the smiles, emotions and personalities of the kids they’re working with. Join Shannon Sewell to learn what it takes to capture all the imagination and creativity of kids on camera.

During this course, you’ll explore the things that inspire you as a photographer and turn that inspiration into the day-to-day motivation you’ll need to create work that lets your unique perspective shine. You’ll learn about posing kids so that intimacy, fun, and connection come naturally throughout a shoot. You’ll also learn how to bring a themed approach to your shoots, even when you’re on a budget. With Shannon’s help, you will build strategies for standing out amongst your competitors and succeeding as a children’s photographer.

Whether you’re looking to introduce a fresh look to your photography business or just a parent looking to learn how to take fantastic photos of your own kids, this course will cover exactly what you need to start creating unique, modern children’s photography images.
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