CreativeLIVE Lightroom Mastery – Ben Willmore

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CreativeLIVE Lightroom Mastery - Ben Willmore

CreativeLIVE Lightroom Mastery – Ben Willmore


Course Description – Lightroom Mastery

Use Lightroom, but feel like you’re not getting the most out of it?

Ben Willmore’s Lightroom Mastery is for you!

Learn how the adjustment sliders affect your images, how best to use the histogram, and how to fix your problem images.

Learn to organize your images so you can easily find them later, and see a complete workflow from ingestion to printing or output. Then push your retouching beyond the basics to accomplish complex retouching jobs, and explore your options for adjusting localized areas within your images.

Once your images are organized and adjusted, extend Lightroom with third-party software, create books and slideshows, and learn to print and post images on the web. Join Ben and master Lightroom!

The Instructor – Ben Willmore

Ben Willmore is a member of the Photoshop Hall of Fame who has taught over 100,000 Photoshop users on five continents.

His bestselling books, DVDs, and hit seminars have established Ben as one of America’s favorite Photoshop instructors, and he is often the top-selling speaker at design and photography conferences throughout the world.

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